Missing Pieces to Your Healing

There Are Three Essential Components to Healing. 

When it comes to complete, sustained healing, Western medicine and other popular healing modalities sometimes miss the boat. They often address only the physical symptoms to an illness, ignoring two necessary components to healing: your emotions and soul. The body, emotions and soul are each equally involved in healing. When all three are aligned with healing, anything can be healed. Anything!


Emotions Are Erroneously Ignored. 

As those suffering from illness are often in discomfort or pain, most tend to focus on just the physical symptoms of their disease. They overlook how the illness occurred in the first place—often through emotions. Almost every illness has an emotional core that started the disease. That’s huge! Most are unaware of this connection, including most of the medical community—especially Western medicine.

Your body reflects your emotions. Your physical symptoms or illness are a result of unhealthy, pent-up, suppressed emotions. If you don’t uproot the emotional core of your disease, you are picking only the top of a dandelion. It will come right back again.


Emotions Have a Chemical Response Throughout Your Body.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with any emotion. Every emotion serves a purpose. But certain emotions can have an unhealthy effect on your body. Scientific studies continue to show that negative, fear-based emotions—guilt, stress, depression—create a different type of cell. These cells appear disfigured and hinder a healthy state. An overload of these harmful emotions emit a chemical response throughout the body that can lead to illness. For instance, someone under a lot of stress at home or work may develop migraines or ulcers. These ill effects are not localized illness; they are rooted in emotion.

Love-based emotions—compassion, gratitude, forgiveness—create vibrant cells, symmetrical like beautiful snowflakes. These cells produce a healthy chemical response throughout the entire body. Gratitude releases a chemical throughout the body that has potent healing power.


Remove the Emotional Core.

While you never want to suppress any emotions, it is important to recognize those you should not engage in longer than necessary. Here’s why. You feel and hold grief in your chest area. Over time, if you feel tremendous grief and don’t release it, you will develop unhealthy cells and physical problems in your upper body. That’s because this unreleased grief creates a blockage of energy. Consequently, your heart chakra will slow down and become unable to adequately deliver essential life-force energy throughout your chest.

Your unreleased grief is like a blinking dashboard light, warning you of a potentially hazardous situation. You may ignore the warning and continue to immerse yourself in grief daily. But then the dashboard warning light stays lit all the time. Now you have developed a physical problem—two tumors in your lungs.

Skilled surgeons remove the tumors and give an excellent prognosis. But you resume your old routines, including your grieving. Down the road, doctors find new tumors growing in your lungs again. Because you didn’t remove the underlying emotional core of unreleased grief which developed the tumors in the first place, tumors grew again. Until you discover and remove this emotional core to your illness—unreleased grief—you can’t sustain healing from surgery, drugs or any other modality.


The Soul’s Voice is Often Overlooked.

The other essential component for complete, sustained healing is your soul. What is your soul’s intention or desire regarding your current illness? Remember, you are a soul briefly incarnated in a physical body on this amazing planet. Earth is a beautiful paradise and school for souls. What’s on your path is deliberate and necessary for your soul’s expansion and growth.

A baby born blind will have a life dramatically different than one with vision. Their other senses will become heightened and atypical perspectives gained. The blindness is necessary for that soul’s journey and growth. Despite doctors’ repeated attempts, the eyesight will never be restored because the soul is not aligned with healing the blindness.


Your Soul Needs to be Aligned with Healing.

What’s the soul’s desire regarding a health challenge? Life-threatening cancer is a very effective way for the soul to quickly shift someone from their long-term anger to deeper gratitude.

Sometimes people may have a painful disease to help them loosen their grip on this lifetime. Their soul is calling them home. In this instance, recovery will not occur because the soul—an essential component—is not aligned with healing.

Watching their loved one go through intense physical pain, family and friends grow capable of letting go and releasing their loved one to physically pass.  The painful disease was multi-purpose.

For most people, their soul supports vibrant health. We often create more pain and struggle than our soul intends. Usually it is our emotions that are the root of the physical problem.


Anything Can Heal with Body, Mind, Soul Alignment.

The body, emotions and soul each need to be on board for complete and sustained healing. It is usually that the body and soul are in line with recovery, but the mind is not. Your mind is by far the biggest factor that suppresses healing. Once you discover and release the emotional core to your illness, your mind will be in alignment with healing. Then your body will be able to restore itself and sustain that healing.

Your body, mind and soul are equal partners in your healing process. When they’re each aligned with healing, vibrant health is the outcome. By resolving the missing pieces, you complete the entire healing picture. Then your recovery can last a lifetime.

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Robbie Holz

Robbie Holz is an internationally respected healer, medium, frequent media guest and an award-winning author.

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