Thinking You’re Not Good Enough

Feel like sometimes you aren’t good enough? You’d be surprised how often people feel that way. We live in a culture with social media where we’re constantly exposed to everyone else’s successes. It’s easy to feel we don’t measure up physically, professionally or socially.

Even though feeling not good enough is common, we each react differently. The effect it has on you will depend on how much power you give thoughts of inadequacy. It can hold you back and keep you from reaching your full potential and enjoying the life you have.

The good thing is, you can change your thinking so you feel good about yourself no matter what.


Stop Believing Marketing Ads About What You’re Lacking.
Sometimes low self-esteem started in childhood. That conditioning may have unknowingly played in the background as you grew up. Critical inner dialogue may have continued into the present. It’s an unhealthy habit that really needs to stop.

Even if you had a wholesome, thriving upbringing, it’s difficult to maintain a healthy self-esteem with the images you are constantly bombarded with. Marketing deliberately blasts you with imagery designed to make you feel you’re not good enough unless you buy their product or service. You are continually exposed to an endless array of images of things you’ve got to have to be happier, skinnier, richer, more successful . . . It never ever stops. How in the world are you supposed to believe you’re fine just the way you are without all this stuff?!

Social media doesn’t help. Almost everyone is addicted to it. On a daily basis, you’re subjected to other people’s extremely filtered comments and photos about how awesome their lives are.


Release All Judgmental, Negative Thoughts.
Your harsh inner critic rails against perceived imperfections. You beat yourself up whenever you make a mistake or fail to meet your expectations. Try seeing any “mistakes” or failings as growth opportunities. They are unavoidable. It’s all part of the human experience. And it’s why you’re here.

You have bravely chosen to incarnate on this challenging planet for the purpose of growth and evolution. You are specifically designed exactly the way you need to be for your soul’s unique journey. If you needed to be smarter for this particular lifetime, you’d be smarter. If you needed to be taller, better looking, more ambitious, you would be.

Do yourself a HUGE favor and stop comparing yourself and your life to other people. Each of us are at different stages of soul growth, experiencing what we need for where we are in our soul’s evolution. No two paths are going to be the same.

You definitely aren’t going to fit into mainstream. The more you become enlightened, the less you fit in. Popular food, lifestyles and entertainment are no longer of interest because your perspectives and belief systems are evolving.


Don’t Believe Everything Your Mind Tells You.

You don’t feel good enough because you believe your mind, which is incredibly clever and will convince you of a lot of things that aren’t true. Just because you think it, doesn’t mean it’s real. (Psst. Your mind lies to you frequently.)

Your mind’s distortions, judgments and negativity are third-dimensional tendencies. Our current third-dimensional vibration creates a level of limited, skewed, lower consciousness.

Recognize that a thought is just a thought. Don’t let it define you. Instead of thinking, I’m not good enough, think I’m having a thought which is telling me I’m not good enough.

Pay attention to what pulls you into self-criticism and negativity. Whenever you get triggered into anything fear based, realize that’s your homework for your soul’s intended growth.

It’s time to clean up what keeps dragging you down into lower frequencies.

The most effective way to deal with the feeling of not being good enough is to realize that it comes from within, and to train your mind to quit engaging in these negative thoughts. It’s simply a habit.

Whenever your mind thinks unloving, judgmental thoughts (and it will), don’t get pulled in emotionally. Let them go right on by like the hundreds of other thoughts you have every day. When you don’t latch on to them, they generally disappear within 90 seconds.


Never Allow Others to Define Your Worth.
Discover the hidden message behind your not-good-enough thoughts. Are you looking for love and trying to find it through others?

“Stop looking for happiness in the same place you lost it.” —Anonymous

If you need the validation of others to prove your worth, you’re setting yourself up for heartache. It’s all too easy for others to keep you small. Stop ascribing your worth to what others believe. Start nurturing self-love.

Don’t let your mind or anyone else ever convince you’re not good enough. You are an extraordinary Divine luminous being—a fractal of Divine Source currently experiencing life in a human form.

You are more than good enough. You always have been. You’re actually quite glorious. Now own it.

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Robbie Holz

Robbie Holz is an internationally respected healer, medium, frequent media guest and an award-winning author.

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  1. This blog really spoke truth to my heart. Thank you . Have just read your first 2 books & found them to contain precious wisdom. And what a beautiful story your life has been ….. so far . ??The books have opened me to feeling much more gratitude for everything I have & everything I am.

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