8 Signs You’re Getting Help from the Other Side of the Veil

Do you ever feel like your angels and spirit guides aren’t listening to you? Or they’re completely ignoring your requests for help? Let me assure you, when you ask for help from them, assistance is given. They respond but they do so according to your soul’s intentions and the highest and best good of all.

Because you have expectations of how they will respond, you often miss how you’re being helped.

Here are eight signs you’re being helped from the other side of the veil.


#1  You Aren’t Triggered.
When you’re getting help, triggers are softened and you unhook easier. You don’t go down the rabbit hole of fearful thoughts as often or as long.

A few years ago, my life-long friend had become increasingly critical of her co-workers. In our phone chats, she often complained that she had to compensate for them not pulling their weight. After several months of listening to her complaints, I resented our conversations becoming so negative. I started avoiding her calls.

I asked the angels to help me heal my relationship with my friend. I felt a wave of compassion for her move through my body. The next time my friend called, instead of feeling annoyed by her complaining, I felt more compassion and I stopped judging her behavior.


#2 Random Thoughts Suddenly Come to You.
Angels are telepathic. They communicate by placing thoughts into your mind. Ideas, inspiration, ah-ha moments, clarity, guidance are common ways they assist you.

They love you far beyond human comprehension. The angels and benevolent spirit guides help you with tremendous love. They honor your free will. They would never force you to do anything, especially anything unloving.


#3  It Gets Uncomfortable So You’ll Let Go.
Your spirit guides and angels lovingly encourage you to let go of what doesn’t serve you. They will show you the better path.

When I was younger, the needs of my family and demanding career often left me stressed and physically exhausted. I felt guilty taking time for myself. After I asked the angels to help me take better care of myself, I felt motivated to nurture myself. Over time my life became more balanced.


#4  Things Aren’t Flowing.
When your mind ignores the intuitive guidance from the angels and spirit guides, you are often faced with continual obstacles and blockages.

When I was searching for a home, I found what I thought was the perfect place. But every time I tried to contact the seller, something kept us from connecting. I followed my intuition which led me to a newly listed home with a yard I loved. Because of the difficulties with the first home, I ended up with a better home instead. I now realize the obstacles were a way for my spirit guides and angels to lead me to a home that was much better suited for me.


#5  Things Are Flowing.
When you’re following the guidance from your spirit guides and angels, it feels right. It requires less effort and isn’t forced.

Opportunities open. An ideal office setting becomes available to you. Things fall into place. Clients who need your services find you.

When you get in the supportive flow, you enjoy what you’re doing and feel fulfilled.


#6  Synchronicities Happen.
It’s child’s play for your spirit team to create synchronicities and coincidences. A serendipitous event is a sign they are deliberately bringing something to you.

Within a short time period, if two people suggest reading the same book, you’re being divinely guided to helpful information.

Synchronicities are a validation your spirit team is working on your behalf.


#7  Your Consciousness Increases.
Like perfectly placed breadcrumbs gradually leading you down the path to your desired goal, you acquire little bits and pieces of info.

A friend or coworker may say something which sparks an ah-ha moment in you. You have an insight upon immediately awakening in the morning.

As more pieces are revealed, your awareness of the bigger picture increases. You eventually realize how being on crutches for several weeks from a broken ankle helped you become more compassionate toward people with disabilities. Your enlightenment now generates more loving responses to other people’s challenges.


#8  The Guidance Feels Loving, not Fearful.
Your spirit guides and angels never guide you with fear. They offer suggestions and assist you with love.

You’re guided through your instincts, intuition, sixth sense. It feels right. You have a knowing.

If you are doing something because you feel you “should”, you “have to”, or you’d feel guilty if you didn’t do it, that’s your fear-based mind.

To know whether guidance is coming from the angels and spirit guides or your mind, ask yourself: Is this coming from a place of love or fear?

They love helping you.
Know that your team of spirit guides and angels walk by your side 24/7 . . . helping you every step of the way.
Over time you’ll notice how much loving assistance you’re getting.
All the time.
Every day.

About the Author

Robbie Holz

Robbie Holz is an internationally respected healer, medium, frequent media guest and an award-winning author.

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  1. Dear Robby,
    It is always a delight to find your post in my mailbox. Tonight I sensed clearly why it always is. The energy radiating from your name and words give me just the same feeling as when I read your and your husbands books, years ago. I cried when I came at the end because I did not want lo leave that world of light and spirit. Of course I read them several times and the writings found their way to my heart. In a way the words are always close and light up when sensing your post. Thank you for communicating on this high level, feeding that great light of compassion and consciousness!
    Sincerely yours,
    Iris de Leeuw

  2. hi robbie,
    I feel like I have been doing all these things through out my life but as a loner cast from a tribe I never knew I belonged to. like my journey was to start with no one who truly ‘knew’ me and I am to find my way to recognising, responding and becoming a healer. as all the dots of my life begin to come together I feel like I am in the ‘becoming ‘ stage. I find myself becoming more aware of the power of empathy and my focused thoughts. I wonder how to develop this so that I may begin to truly help others.

    1. Post

      I suggest you utilize assistance from the other side of the veil on how to develop this. I outline how to do that in my book Vibrant Living. It’s a 60-day guidebook that shows you step-by-step how to engage help from your benevolent angels. It makes a tremendous difference.

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