Overcoming Painful Past Experiences

It Serves a Purpose.

Everyone has gone through painful experiences. It’s unavoidable. It’s helpful to keep in mind everything serves a purpose, including the most heartbreaking circumstances. Viewing these painful situations from your soul’s perspective can provide a better understanding of why something happened and make it easier to release the emotional pain.


Remember Your Ultimate Goal.  

How do you understand the reason behind a painful event? First, you have to step back to see the bigger picture. We tend to forget we are extraordinary divine souls currently incarnated in a physical form. It’s astonishing to be an etheric spirit briefly enjoying a physical body.

This amazing paradise called Earth is more than a fantastical playground for recess. It’s also a school where we can make huge leaps in soul growth. Gaia is a free-will planet with a mixture of young and old souls, extremes of darkness and light. It’s these contrasts which provide endless opportunities for soul growth.

For instance, an older soul may be challenged by an unevolved soul caught up in materiality and overconsumption. Rather than judging them, it’s a chance for the older soul to find compassion and unconditional love for a younger soul in the earlier stages of development. By developing more compassion, the older soul moves closer to the original source of all love . . . its ultimate goal.


Compassion Releases Your Pain.

If you’re an older, evolved soul (since you’re reading this, chances are very good that you are), you chose more challenging life lessons because you’re equipped for it. What is on your path is deliberately designed to help your soul master what’s been unresolved in the past. With soul contracts, young and old souls all agree to play the different parts to assist in each other’s growth.

For instance, your main soul theme may be to master forgiveness. To achieve that, you’ll have circumstances arise throughout your life that require your forgiveness. If you’re an older soul, you encounter challenges that require extraordinary forgiveness because you’re up to the task. Consequently, you may experience unloving abusive parents, an unfaithful spouse, and other painful events that require higher levels of forgiveness.

You have to move beyond your mind’s expectations of how people should behave. You need to accept that people are where they are in their evolution. As you open your heart to find compassion and acceptance for where other people are in their own growth process, it releases the pain.


Turn It into a Blessing.  

If you are still holding on to pain from the past, shift your perspective to examine how this experience was important for your soul’s growth. Your mind may not have liked it but your soul found it rich with opportunity. Some of the most painful experiences are some of your greatest gifts because they enable you to advance in your soul’s growth. That’s the real name of the game.

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Robbie Holz

Robbie Holz is an internationally respected healer, medium, frequent media guest and an award-winning author.

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