How Your Mind and Soul are Involved in Healing

Your Body, Mind and Soul Are Equally Involved in Healing.

When we get sick, we focus on our body to restore wellness. And that’s a good thing but we’re missing two other equally important factors in regaining our health. Our emotions and soul play pivotal roles in the healing process. Unhealthy emotions are usually the root cause of our disease. The soul may be using illness as a messenger. When your body, mind and soul are each aligned with healing, anything can be healed. Anything.

For most of us, our body and soul are on board with healing but our emotions are not. We may not understand how our thoughts and emotions impact our body. Our thoughts and emotions can create a healthy vibrant body . . . or disease. When you give your body what it needs—physically and emotionally—then you no longer need the message behind the illness and you can completely heal.


Your Thoughts Impact Your Body.

A primary cause of disease is fear. Now more than ever, there are a lot of people in chronic states of fear and anxiety. It’s commonplace and we’ve grown accustomed to it. However, emotions like fear, depression and stress have a negative effect on the body. Scientific studies have shown 15 minutes of stress lowers your immune system for 24 hours. Even low levels of sustained stress will create physical damage which may eventually lead to disease.

On the other hand, love-based emotions have an entirely different effect on the body. They create a chemical response which floods the body with beneficial neuropeptides such as endorphins or oxytocin. Gratitude emits a healing response throughout your entire system.

There’s a popular saying, “You are what you eat.” The same is true for the thoughts and emotions you regularly feed yourself. Negative, fear-based thoughts weaken your body and become toxic over time if not released. Positive, love-based thoughts strengthen you and create vibrancy. Become aware of what type of emotions you regularly engage in. Weed out negative, toxic thoughts—key to removing the disease stimulus.


Your Brain Entrains with Your Heart’s Electromagnetic Field.

Your heart generates a much greater electromagnetic force field than your brain. Your brain entrains with your heart’s electromagnetic field, not the other way around. That means if your heart feels resentment, guilt or sadness, your brain will entrain with that and match its biological rhythm. If your heart feels gratitude, forgiveness or happiness, your brain will entrain with that and move into a healthy vibratory pattern.

Studies have proven that depression is a greater cause of heart disease than smoking. The blood platelets in depressed people are stickier which clog arteries and veins.


Illness Can Be an Opportunity for Soul Growth. 

An illness can sometimes be a way for your soul to get your attention to help you shift into healthier habits and thought patterns. Regularly engaging in a lot of self-criticism is particularly hard on your body. The sudden onset of a life-threatening disease may radically change how you live. It may be the impetus to quickly shift out of negativity towards yourself, and develop deeper gratitude and self-love for yourself.

A serious disease has the tremendous potential for increasing consciousness. After being diagnosed with cancer, you may awaken to the precious gift of life. You find greater joy in the simplest things, like the sound of your grandchildren’s laughter, watching birds gracefully fly in formation, and the comfort from holding the hand of a loved one. Your heart becomes more open.

We are on this planet to grow and evolve as souls. It is not uncommon for more advanced souls to take on greater physical challenges. You learn and grow faster through adversity. For that reason, your soul may not be aligned with completely recovering from the debilitating effects of Parkinson’s. Ask yourself, “How is this challenge helping me evolve?”


You Need to Emotionally Be Willing to Heal. 

Sometimes someone suffering from a disease may not be completely willing to heal. They may have the misguided belief that their illness is linked to past “mistakes”—a metaphysical punishment. They may mistakenly hold the view that they need to suffer to receive forgiveness for a past indiscretion. A soul may use an illness for growth but it will not use it as a form of punishment. Release any deep-seated belief that keeps you from being completely willing to heal on all levels.


Healing Requires an Inner Heart Connection.

Your body is a miraculous healing machine. Your phenomenal immune system immediately sprints into action to remove any invading virus, bacteria or inflammation. But your immune system can’t do its job alone. It needs your mind and soul also involved in the healing process. It takes a balance of all three. Listening and responding to the needs of your body, mind and soul—in conjunction with an inner heart connection—will achieve a complete healing.

About the Author

Robbie Holz

Robbie Holz is an internationally respected healer, medium, frequent media guest and an award-winning author.

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  1. A few words to share and encourage you.
    Over a 10 year period all my loved ones passed away. The last was my 28-year-old son, shot dead in Americas gun culture. I went through the entire spectrum of emotions: rage, guilt, self pity, etc.
    Yes, it took years of tears and soul development to find the joy and peace that my journey was meant to be. Your words of wisdom comfort and verify what I have come to believe about my soul’s purpose. I am glad to say I have grown into a person I like and someone who can comfort others in deep pain. Hugs Laura

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