Getting Your Mind Under Control

Help is Available 24/7.

Does your mind control you rather than the other way around? Do you struggle with your mind sabotaging you but you don’t know how to stop it? There’s good news: You’ve got tremendous help available 24/7 from . . . your guardian angel. Your guardian angel’s powerful assistance can help you release your mind’s fears, negativity and limiting beliefs. When you partner up with your guardian angel, it’s easier to control your mind’s stuff, and you’ll be much happier, content and at peace.


You’ve Got to Give Them Permission to Assist. 

It was always intended that you’d live your life with angelic assistance available to you. However, because Earth is a free-will planet, the angels won’t step in unless you ask them. They love being of service and there’s so much they can do for you. So ask.

If there’s inner denigration about how you’re never good enough at ________ (fill in the blank), ask your guardian angel to help you quiet the harsh inner critic, and develop stronger self-worth and self-love.

If you struggle to get past heartbreaking rejection by a former lover, ask your guardian angel to help you unhook from the pain, and find peace and happiness.

If certain people drive you nuts, ask your guardian angel to soften the triggers, and help you find acceptance and compassion.


It’s Limitless What They Can Do.   

Ask your guardian angel to help you overcome your mind’s fears and achieve your goals. If you want to find a more fulfilling, better-paying job but anxieties are holding you back, request your guardian angel’s support in releasing your fears. Ask for their assistance to develop more self-confidence.

Over the subsequent days, weeks and months, you’ll notice that you’re changing. You realize that it’s your father’s fears about job insecurity that have been playing in your head. Now when his fears get triggered in you, it’s easier to observe them and then let them go. You don’t identify with them anymore. Your fears about obtaining an enjoyable job subside and are replaced with a strong knowing that you’re well on your way to acquiring a great position.


They Can Help You Receive More Love. 

It’s a lot easier to stop your mind’s negativity and self-beratement with the help of your guardian angel. With your permission, they can help you dramatically decrease self-criticism, self-judgment and comparison to others. They can assist you in realizing who you really are—an extraordinary Divine luminous being! Request that you not only know this intellectually but that you truly feel how remarkable and cherished you are.


Their Help Can Significantly Improve Your Life.

You’ve got tremendous assistance from your guardian angel available to help get your mind supporting rather than sabotaging you. It’s as simple as asking for their aid. Yeah, that simple. Don’t complicate it. What have you got to lose?  More importantly, what have you got to gain?


About the Author

Robbie Holz

Robbie Holz is an internationally respected healer, medium, frequent media guest and an award-winning author.

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  1. Thank you Robbie always find your words bring comfort and understanding. I suffer badly with the monkey chatter mind and cannot always turn it off, hence a lot of restless and sometimes sleepless nights, I know I cannot rectify what has happened so why I constantly go over it in my mind is a mystery to me. I know I have all the tools to hand and yet I often forget to use them so being reminded now and again is a great help . Thank you

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