Easily Recognize Signs from Angels and Spirit Guides

Angels Are Always Working on Your Behalf.

There is at least one angel by your side right this moment. Angels are ethereal beings of love and light serving mankind. These celestial beings love you more than you can fully comprehend.

Angels and benevolent spirit guides send guidance more often than you might realize. It’s in your best interest to notice, and act on, their direction.


They Help You in Accordance with Your Soul’s Intentions. 

Guardian angels gently nudge you to make healthy choices, but they won’t directly intervene unless you ask because we live on a free-will planet. They will step in, however, if you are about to face injury, death or an experience not part of your soul’s intended plan. Then they are allowed to intervene and safeguard you. That’s why they are called “guardian” angels.

Angels and benevolent spirit guides love helping you. Because we have free will, they are waiting for you to ask for their assistance. When you ask for their help, they respond every single time. Every single time.

They respond according to your soul’s intentions, and what is in the highest and best good of all. For instance, if you ask them to help you win the lottery, if it’s not your soul’s plan to win the lottery (which it likely isn’t), they’ll bring you abundance in other ways.


It’s Easy for Them to Convey Their Guidance to You.

When you ask for their help, it’s best not to tell them specifically how you want their guidance to appear. You may prefer to hear their messages or see the angels and guides, but it’s unlikely you’re “wired” that way. Most people are clairsentient, where they feel the guidance in their solar plexus, gut, stomach area. You are guided with your instinct, sixth sense or intuition.

Angels and guides have different ways of guiding you. Pay attention to repetitive patterns. The second time a different person suggests reading a particular book, take it seriously.

For an extensive list of how they convey their guidance, see my blog: How Angels and Spirit Guides Communicate with You.”

Trust that the angels and spirit guides are working on your behalf and getting their messages to you. It’s actually very easy for them to guide you to your desired goal. The challenge for them is getting you to go down the path they suggest instead of the one your mind prefers.

Sometimes there’s Divine timing involved. If you aren’t feeling any guidance, you may be in a holding pattern. If they need to get a message to you, they’ll get it to you. They are excellent at what they do.


Use Your Intuition to Discern Their Message.

The angels and spirit guides will repeat signs until you notice them or they’ll find different ways of getting the message to you. They can pop meaningful lyrics in your mind, like the Beatles’ popular song, “Let It Be.” They may use several people saying the same thing to create an aha moment in you. When I asked for their help overcoming my sugar addiction, several times I found myself overhearing strangers talk about how poisonous and addictive sugar is.

Even if you don’t immediately understand the meaning of their sign, it’s important to notice them. Ask the angels and guides to clarify the meaning. You may be puzzled by consistently seeing the numbers 6, 66 or 666 on license plates, phone numbers and on a digital clock. A friend may casually suggest you reference, Angel Numbers 101 by Dr. Doreen Virtue. You discover 6 is often a sign not to worry or obsess about material things like money. Your intuition or gut feeling will tell you if that’s the correct message.


Intuition is a Direct Connection to Angels and Guides.

Your intuition is the main way that the angels and spirit guides communicate with you. Intuitive communication can take the form of your thoughts, ideas, a sudden insight and dreams. The angels and spirit guides are communicating with you more often than you think. You often miss their signs. If you strengthen your intuition, you’ll improve your ability to notice their signs and understand their messages.

You can deepen your intuition by meditating regularly. Meditation quiets your chatty mind so you can sense inner wisdom. Multiple times a day, tune in to your intuition for a couple minutes. With practice, you’ll get better at not only feeling your inner guidance but also trusting it.


They Guide You with a Sense of Inner Knowing.

It is highly unlikely you will ever see or hear the angels or spirit guides. But you will feel their guidance as a sense of knowing. Something intuitively feels right or it doesn't. When you receive insights from them, you can’t explain how but you know things.


They Ensure You Understand Their Messages.

Once you’ve asked for their help, the angels and spirit guides will ensure you recognize their messages and understand their guidance. Sometimes they help you in ways that you may not immediately recognize. They are persistent and will find a way to get through to you. This is so easy for them!

And you were designed to be able to intuitively receive this guidance. Continue to quiet your mind and feel their inner guidance.

The angels and spirit guides love you tremendously and are always working on your behalf. Trust that they will help you recognize their signs and correctly interpret their messages.

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Robbie Holz

Robbie Holz is an internationally respected healer, medium, frequent media guest and an award-winning author.

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  1. I love this! I was sure that it was GOD speaking directly to me, by now I realize it was the angels this whole time! Angels are Messengers sent from God to help us.

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