Celebrating Your Life’s Struggles

Earth Provides Endless Opportunities for Soul Growth.  

Do you struggle with what life throws at you? Are you tired of the pain from those challenges? The path to free yourself from the pain and struggle requires first stepping back to see the bigger picture. You’ve forgotten who you are and why you’re here. You are a soul—an etheric spirit currently incarnated in a physical body. You deliberately chose to experience life on this free-will planet because of the tremendous growth potential that Earth offers.

Earth is not only an amazing paradise on which to have a physical form, but it also offers endless opportunities for growth because of the extreme contrast of darkness and Light. To fully master love, it’s important to experience what love is and what love isn’t. Darkness illuminates the distinction more clearly.


You’re Perfect Exactly the Way You Are. 

Think of Earth as a school where you can make huge leaps in soul growth. Each soul is moving at their own pace and in specific ways for their evolutionary path. All souls are equal, just at different stages of development. Younger souls tend to be materialistic, greedy, self-serving and judgmental. Older, evolved souls are usually very compassionate, loving, forgiving and have a deep desire to help others.

Advanced souls may choose to obtain a “Ph.D.” in self-love. Others may choose to master forgiveness or acceptance. We’re all learning to shift from our egoic minds to our compassionate hearts.

If you’ve chosen to explore self-love, your earlier years will involve conditioning so you believe you’re not lovable. You’ll have soul contracts with family members and others to help create that distortion. There may be Oscar-worthy performances by some who convince you that you’re not good enough because you have a physical deformity or perceived “flaws.” Your mind will take the bait hook, line and sinker.

Now the challenge is to overcome your mind’s misperceptions and realize who you really are—an extraordinary Divine luminous being. You need to realize that you are not broken and don’t need to be fixed. In truth, you’re exactly the way you need to be for your soul’s journey. It’s a fabulous opportunity to overcome your mind’s false beliefs and love yourself because of your perceived “flaws.”


The Bigger the Challenge, the Bigger the Growth Potential.

Your life’s journey is designed to help you gain awareness and release your mind’s fears, limiting beliefs and distortions. Everyone and everything are deliberately on your life’s path to help you finally break free from your mind’s pain, negativity and lies. They’ve agreed to help you clean up any unhealthy emotional “dust bunnies.”

When your mind resists something or someone that your soul has deliberately brought to you, that’s a clue as to what you signed up to master. What you resist will persist and grow until you’re no longer triggered into negativity or fear by it. Your soul places on your path what it specifically wants your mind to grow beyond and master. What you see as a challenge is actually designed as a catalyst for growth. Once you use the uncomfortable experiences as an opportunity for soul growth, then they are no longer needed. Mission accomplished.

If you have fears about not having enough money, “pop quizzes” will continue until you realize you always have enough money for your needs. If you get angry at the choices people make, you’ll get triggering until you accept that their choices are part of their evolutionary path. It’s not about what they’re doing but what you’re doing. It’s a great opportunity to choose whether to react from your judgmental mind or your compassionate heart.


Stop Resisting Growth Opportunities.

The majority of what is on your path is designed for your soul’s growth. However, it was never intended for your mind to be behind the steering wheel navigating through your challenges. Your fearful conditioned mind will lead you through all kinds of dark alleys.

Your soul is supposed to be in charge behind the wheel. Your mind is a powerful tool, used in a supportive role in service to your soul. Your soul guides your mind through intuition, a sixth sense, gut instinct.

Your mind doesn’t always like what your soul brings to you. Your mind freaks out and grabs the wheel to steer you away from painful experiences and emotions. Your soul will then correct the course to go through these necessary experiences. This is when you struggle and create unnecessary pain from increased fear, stress, resentment or anger. We usually create waaaay more pain than our soul ever intended.

The answer is to allow your soul to bring you what it needs for your growth (which it’s going to do anyway). Instead of resisting it, ask yourself: Why is this on my path? How are they here to help me grow? As your mind surrenders to what is, you gain consciousness where you’ve been stuck and need to make some changes. When you’ve changed your thinking and behavior, you’ll find greater peace and happiness. This is ultimately what your soul is leading you to.


Discover the Real Message Behind Your Challenges.

To stop your mind’s struggle and pain, you’ve got to get your soul behind the steering wheel. Here are the steps to shift your mind out from behind the wheel and supporting your soul’s intentions.

First, observe your mind when it’s feeding you negative fearful thoughts. This is where you “watch the thinker” rather than automatically get pulled in. If you’re thinking, I’m not good enough, say to yourself, I’m having a thought which is telling me I’m not good enough. What just triggered that negative reaction in you? Whose voice is behind that thought? Your parents’ voices? A scared inner child? The collective?

Next, feel the emotion that arises with those thoughts. You don’t want to suppress emotions but you don’t want to marinate in unhealthy emotions longer than necessary. Feel the response throughout your body. You might notice your stomach or chest area tightening up.

Then, let it go. Let it go, let it go, let it go. Stop giving that thought any attention. It’s like hanging the phone up on an unhealthy conversation.

Similar to learning any new language or skill, it takes practice and patience. Be extra kind and gentle with yourself as you learn how to retrain your mind to stop resisting what your soul is calling to you. Rather than struggle with your challenges, you can start examining how they’re here to help you grow.


Your Greatest Challenges Are Tremendous Blessings.  

As you gain more consciousness about the experiences your soul deliberately chooses to go through, you’ll stop struggling and creating pain. Recognizing your soul passionately wants to grow, you’ll see these challenges from a different perspective—huge opportunities to help your soul evolve. Therein, lies the gift.

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Robbie Holz is an internationally respected healer, medium, frequent media guest and an award-winning author.

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