Angelic Assistance for Fear and Depression

Angels Can Help You Become Happy and Stress Free.  

Unhealthy, negative emotions like anxiety, fear and depression can have a tremendous crippling effect on your life. They keep you from pursuing your dreams, not to mention enjoying life.

You can stop being a prisoner of your mind and break free from toxic, sabotaging thoughts and emotions. Happiness and peace of mind await you.

There are plenty of help to get you there from the angelic realm. You don’t need to overcome negative thoughts and emotions on your own. It was always intended that you would have help available to you from angels.

Because Earth is a free-will planet governed by Spiritual laws, the angels need your permission before they are allowed to step in and intervene. You have to ask them for help.

Request the angels help you gain awareness of the underlying beliefs that create unhealthy thoughts. Ask the angels to help you release all anxieties, fears or depression. Upon your request, they can help you shift into healthier emotions and thought patterns.


Unreleased Blocked Energy Causes Anxiety.

For too long, it has been believed that using chemicals to adjust the brain’s chemistry is a successful way to treat anxiety and depression. In truth, they are quite damaging. Instead of allowing the body to rebalance itself, the pharmaceutical drugs override the healing process.

There are other ways to effectively overcome anxiety and depression without resorting to drugs.

First, you need to understand why the fear, anxiety or depression showed up in the first place.

Depression is a result of disconnecting from your soul. Residing in your heart, your soul has a special link with the brain. Your brain safeguards your soul by filtering information it receives from internal and external experiences.

When your soul is ignored, this exchange of information and energy becomes distorted and blocked. Your body goes into overdrive to try to rectify and restore the exchange between your brain and soul. Because your body is wasting energy in this manner, you begin to feel run down, have a lack of appetite and loss of energy.

Anxiety sets in as a result of unreleased blocked energy held throughout your body. As your conscious mind attempts to cope with this blocked energy, fear sets in. You’ve moved from depression to anxiety to fear.


Creativity and Self-Expression Calm the Mind.

The first thing to treat anxiety or depression is some form of physical activity. Your body needs to start releasing this excess energy. It doesn’t matter whether you walk around the block or pull weeds in the garden, just start moving.

Ask Angel Gadiel to help you find enjoyable ways to add more physical activity into your life and stay motivated.

The next step is to engage in some form of creativity or self-expression. It’s an effective way to redirect your anxious mind back to its natural setting of peace. You can use adult coloring books, journaling, washing your car or whatever helps you slip back into a state of calmness.

Engage Archangel Haniel to help you find a creative outlet and release your mind’s angst.


Listen to Your Soul’s Urgings.

The reason you disconnected from your soul in the first place is because you ignored your emotions. When you suppress your emotions, you’re disregarding what your soul is trying to tell you.

If you’re depressed, it’s because the choices you’ve made—and continue to make—aren’t in alignment with your soul’s intentions. Maybe you ignored your soul’s voice and feel stuck in a boring job or unsatisfying relationship your soul never intended for you.

Anxiety and depression are your soul’s method of using your body to alert you to make some changes in your thinking and lifestyle. If you continue to ignore your soul’s voice, you may eventually become riddled with fear and fatigue.

Identify where your egoic mind’s distortions, lies and misperceptions are in conflict with your soul. It’s helpful to examine your mind’s belief systems which led you to make choices inconsistent with your soul’s urgings.

Possibly you’re believing your mind that you’re not good enough for a fulfilling relationship instead of listening to your soul’s voice that you are an extraordinary, glorious Divine being, worthy of a high-quality partnership.

Ask Archangel Zadkiel, who works with cellular memory, to help you identify and release any sabotaging beliefs.


Discover the Message Behind Your Emotion.

We’re conditioned to stifle certain emotions and find solace in material things like food, shopping, alcohol, watching TV/Internet.

The real remedy is to feel the uncomfortable emotion and understand what it’s trying to convey.

One of the best ways to do that is through meditation. In meditation, you can commune with your soul, and sense its wisdom and guidance easier.

While in meditation, allow your suppressed emotion to move through you rather than getting stuck. If you start to feel any resistance to this emotion, press an inner “pause” button. Shift your resistance to this uncomfortable emotion to curiosity as to its message. Give yourself permission to explore without judgment or the need to fix anything.

Are you depressed because your life is out of balance?

Does guilt keep you from taking restorative naps or enjoying a hobby?

Ask Archangel Raphael to help you engage in better ways of taking care of yourself.


Allow Uncomfortable Emotions to Move Through You.

Think of your fear as a wave washing over, through and out of you. Don’t try to control the “fear” wave; just feel it and allow it to cascade over you.

What’s behind your fear of not being accepted by certain people?

If you accept yourself just as you are, it doesn’t matter what others think. The fear is a wake-up call to embrace everything about yourself, especially the shadow parts. You are designed according to what your soul intends for you to master in this lifetime. Maybe you are to attain deeper levels of self-love.

Employ the angels to help you feel greater self-acceptance and more self-love.

Life is a succession of choices. When you listen and respond to the urges of your soul, you make better choices. Following your soul’s intentions leads you to happiness and peace of mind.

Your soul wants you to release all fears, anxiety and depression. It’s time to break free from your mind’s negativity and start enjoying the peaceful life your soul intends. Ask and allow angels to help you do that. They would be happy to assist you.

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