Your Guardian Angel

Your Guardian Angel Is with You from Birth to Death.

Here’s something that’ll rock your world. You have a guardian angel by your side right now. Everyone does. Your guardian angel is an invisible advocate who’s always with you.

A guardian angel is with you from your first breath to your last. Your guardian angel will be the first one you see when you physically die and cross over.

The role of a guardian angel is to protect you according to your soul’s intentions. They ensure you are not harmed, killed or exposed to things your soul does not intend for you to experience in this lifetime.

Because Earth is a free-will planet for souls to evolve, your guardian angel will not intervene unless you ask them. They understand choices that lead to painful consequences are often your greatest teachers. Adversity and difficult challenges lead to growth (which is why older souls sign up for them).

The angels do not judge you or try to interfere with your learning process. They wait for you to ask for their help.


Your Guardian Angel is Usually the First to Assist You.
Your guardian angel is happy to step in when you ask for their help. When you do, they always respond. Every. Single. Time. They respond according to your soul’s intentions, and the highest and best good of all.

That is crucial and worth repeating: They respond according to your soul’s intentions, and the highest and best good of all. That’s why they may react differently to your pleas for help than you might expect.

Whenever you engage their help, your life will change for the better. It’s like operating at 5 amps of power on your own vs. 5,000 amps of power with their assistance. Yea, 5,000! It’s powerful.

The intention is for you to be aided by this powerful, benevolent being who loves you far beyond human comprehension.

Every time you allow your guardian angel to assist you, they grow and evolve because they are serving you out of tremendous love. It is a symbiotic relationship.

Guardian angels are designed to be the easiest to communicate with, even more than your soul, spirit guides, archangels and other angels. You have access to help from any of these beings on the other side of the veil, but it’s not necessary to look beyond your guardian angel.


They Guide with Your Intuition.
Being in a close relationship with your guardian angel is immensely gratifying and worthwhile. Here’s how to develop a deeper relationship with them.

A relationship with your guardian angel is like that of a good friend: it requires nurturing. It’s hard to be strongly connected to them if you don’t reach out regularly. Spend quality time with your guardian angel just as you would with a cherished friend. You can’t do this just once every few weeks but often. Consistency is key.

Talk to them in your mind like you would a close friend. Extend a “Hi” or expression of appreciation every day. It is highly unlikely you will hear (clairaudience) or see (clairvoyance) your guardian angel. You will feel their guidance (clairsentience). It’s a gut feeling, a knowing, a sixth sense, your intuition.

Here are a few ways to develop a stronger connection with your guardian angel.

  • Ask them to help you be more conscious, throughout your day, of them by your side.
  • Request they be with you in a more mindful way, and then pay attention to the energy developing around and within you. You may feel a warm, loving presence. However, not everyone feels the energy.
  • Your guardian angel communicates with you through your intuition, which may be a bit weak and out of practice. Develop a stronger intuition.
  • Record in a journal whenever you experience synchronicities, validations of their presence or assistance. Don’t just put your journal in a drawer and forget about it, though. Refer to it often.
  • Keep objects in your home, car or workplace that remind you of their constant presence and support. A tiny bell or feather is a reminder of them and that you’re not alone. An angel statue or picture in your bedroom will help you remember you’ve got a lot of assistance.
  • Meditate a minimum of 5-10 minutes a day.

Release any expectations of how or when your relationship with your guardian angel will grow into a stronger bond. Be patient. If you ask your guardian angel to develop a stronger connection and you follow the suggestions outlined above, it will happen.

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Robbie Holz

Robbie Holz is an internationally respected healer, medium, frequent media guest and an award-winning author.

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  1. Thank you for this. I have always been aware of angels. They came to me in the hospital when I really needed a lift. Your article will help me develop a relationship with my guardian angel. I have several figurines around the house and look at them often. I do feel that warmth and now I know why.

  2. Thank you very much for this article. It has got me thinking about developing a more conscious relationship with my guardian angel.

  3. Thank you. A great reminder and i would need help and guidance now, great article.i definitely will start communicating with my angel maybe he was waiting for me and i forgot about him.?

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