Take Control of Your Emotions

It’s a Blessing to Have a Wide Range of Emotions.

Believe it or not, having a broad range of emotions is actually a gift humans are able to experience while incarnated on Earth. We do not have this wide a spectrum of emotions on the other side of the veil. But sometimes those emotions can take over, and sabotage your happiness and well-being.

You say or do something you regret later. You can’t seem to stop the fearful thoughts looping through your mind, creating anxiety. Whenever you think about a past hurtful event, resentment overtakes you even though deep down you want to let it go and forgive all involved.

You know you need to control your thoughts and emotions instead of being dictated by them, but you don’t know how. You can gain mastery over your emotions with a few simple techniques. Here’s how.


One of the Best Skills to Learn is Controlling Your Emotions.

You’re not alone having difficulty managing your emotions. Many people have a tough time controlling them. There are reasons for that.

The emotional part of our brain—the limbic system—is one of the oldest parts when compared to other sections of the brain, like the thinking portion. Because our brain’s emotional part is so old, it’s more strongly developed. That’s why it’s easier for your emotions to override the less-developed rational part of your brain.

Even though your emotions will naturally tend to hijack your thinking, you can still take back control.

It’s your emotions which dictate your actions and, consequently, the life you experience. One of the most effective life skills you’ll ever learn is how to control your emotions. Managing emotions is like learning a new skill or developing a new habit. It’s very doable . . .  one step at a time.


All Emotions Come from Thoughts.

Emotions are derived from your thoughts. Feelings and emotions stem from what happens and the story you tell yourself about what happened. When you experience strong emotions, it helps to become aware of what thoughts preceded them.

What thinking started it?

The next question is: Are those originating thoughts based on truth, or a distortion or misperception? Your mind serves up all types of thoughts—it doesn’t mean they’re each based on truth and reality.

Gain awareness of your underlying emotions. Identify them; don’t bury them. You don’t want to deny or suppress emotions—that often leads to health problems. However, many of us are on autopilot and not even aware of our emotions or subsurface feelings. That’s called unconscious living. Not a good thing.

When you’re genuinely aware of how you’re feeling, you become more mindful and present. You’ve got to be aware and present to shift out of it.

Next, become aware of your triggers and avoid those circumstances if possible.

If you know you get frustrated and depressed right after you binge on junk food, pay attention to what causes you to overeat, and then rectify it. Don’t skip breakfast and wait until you’re famished to eat. If a co-worker’s negative lunchroom banter makes you want to pull your hair out, find a different time or location to eat lunch.


You’re at “Earth School” to Learn How to Control Your Negative Emotions.

It takes only 90 seconds for an emotion to pass through your system and dissipate. Only 90 seconds!

It’s when you latch on to a negative emotion and won’t let go that you usually run into trouble. If you feel the emotion but don’t get pulled in, then you can let go easier and it continues to flow through you.

Emotional non-attachment is the key here.

Observe your thoughts, feel the emotion and then let it go. Repeat as often as necessary.

The point is to let the feeling move through you and not get trapped in thought. Emotional resistance will get ya every time. If you still find yourself stuck, you can pause and shift your thoughts to something that serves you better, like gratitude.

When you are swept up in the moment and need to calm down, close your eyes and focus on your breathing for one minute. Feel the expansion of your lungs on an inhale and the warmth on your upper lip as you exhale.

Breath and refocus are simple but incredibly effective at gaining control over your emotions.

Meditation is gaining popularity because people have discovered it’s a powerful tool to gain control over the emotionally attached mind. Meditation is effective because it shifts your focus away from your current thoughts and emotions back to your natural default setting of stillness and peace.

It’s not about denial of what’s happening around you. It’s consciously choosing to focus on something uplifting that fosters happiness within you.

Ultimately, you choose how to react. You can override that ancient emotional part of your brain. You can shift out of habitual negative emotions. It’s a habit. You can respond from your heart instead. That’s called emotional growth. That’s why you’re here at this challenging Earth school.

You’re here to learn how to control the last of the negative emotions you’re still getting hung up on. Mastery over the mind.

Can you believe what you signed up for before you incarnated?! Nobody ever reads the fine print.


Detachment from Negative Emotions is Essential to Your Health and Happiness.

Again, one of the great gifts of being a human is the ability to feel a wider spectrum of emotions. Don’t be afraid or ashamed of feeling any particular emotion. They each serve a purpose, even anger.

Love-based emotions create vibrancy, while marinating in fear-based emotions have unhealthy effects.

There’s a bigger picture at play here. Everything that comes to you is here to teach you.

Pay attention to what you’re resisting, what gets the strongest emotional reaction from you. Your negative emotions are telling you where you need to make adjustments. Accept whatever harmful emotions you’re feeling, and then detach from them. It’s when you can’t detach from damaging emotions that you’ve discovered your homework.


You Are Not Your Thoughts or Emotions.

“For every minute you remain angry, you give up sixty seconds of peace of mind.”

                                                                                                    —Ralph Waldo Emerson

Once you stop being a slave to your emotions, it’s unimaginable how much your life improves. You gain empowerment and are no longer held in painful imprisonment by your mind. The hostage situation ends! Your emotions are no longer having their way with you, abusing and dragging you down.

You realize you are not your thoughts or emotions. It’s simply a thought which may or may not be true.

But it’s certainly not who you are at all. You’re a Divine luminous being, extraordinarily brave for choosing to incarnate at this tough Earth school and experience a wide range of emotions and physical body. High five!

You’re quite capable of controlling your thoughts and emotions, and taking back your life. Don’t let your mind tell you otherwise.

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