Release Anxiety from Trump Presidency

President Trump is Causing a lot of Anxiety

There’s plenty of anxiety going around these days. Some of our worst fears are coming true with Donald Trump as President. He’s taking a misguided stand against protecting our environment and human rights. Trump has increased fears of terrorism and nuclear attack. Millions are gravely concerned about his education policies, lack of criminal justice reform, discrimination, and much more. All these things are likely creating higher levels of anxiety in you.

Anxiety has a way of taking on a life of its own. It takes a toll on your body. You may have trouble concentrating or sleeping. You can develop stomach irritation or headaches. If you don’t get a handle on your anxiety, you may end up dealing with serious physical consequences. To discover how to conquer your anxiety, read on.


Helping Others Reduces Your Anxiety

How do you cope with anxiety? First, ‘Take control of the things you can, and accept those you can’t change.’ Stay focused on what you can do, not what you can’t. It’s time to step it up. There are plenty of others already making a positive difference in the world. Regardless of what’s going on around them, they remain focused and committed to their goals. So can you. If you feel strongly about immigrants’ rights being violated, take mindful action where you can and support organizations that assist them. Joining in is a powerful way to create positive change with the added bonus of relieving your anxiety.


Don’t Marinate in Anxious Thoughts

Coping means to ‘deal with’ it as it comes up. An effective way to handle any unwanted emotion is to simply observe it. Rather than automatically—often unconsciously—getting pulled into negative thinking, watch it. Notice how these anxious thoughts are like a wave in the ocean. Allow that “thought wave” to wash over you, douse you in fear and all the debris carried with it. Ride it out for a few minutes and allow it to go back out again like the tide. The key is in observing all of this without getting pulled into its undertow where you’re flailing about grasping for a life buoy and desperately gasping for air. You’ll get a better grip on things if you observe your anxious thoughts come . . . and go.


Physical Movement Diffuses Anxiety

Scientific studies show just 21 minutes of exercise will remarkably reduce symptoms of anxiety. A brisk walk floods your body with endorphins that make you feel good. When you don’t exercise on a regular basis, it’s easier to get hung up in frustration, angst and depression.


You Can Find Peace

Anxiety can feel overwhelming and weigh you down. Keep in mind, coping with anxiety happens inside of you. Using the above-outlined steps, you’ll develop the skill to reduce your anxiety and cope effectively. Then you can remain at peace and harmony with life no matter what Trump and his staff are up to.

About the Author

Robbie Holz

Robbie Holz is an internationally respected healer, medium, frequent media guest and an award-winning author.

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  1. I’m a born and bred democrat, aka liberal. In the last few years though, I’ve been lucky enough to have come to see, CLEARLY how extreme the brainwashing is on both sides; how it’s all manipulated for divide-and-conquer purposes; and how, since the vast majority of media in the US is under the control of one of six (count ’em, ONLY SIX) individuals, who have literally limitless funding, that we really truly absolutely CANNOT be getting our information from the mass media, which nowadays includes MANY of the so-called alternative sources (just as an example, the wonderful Democracy Now is funded by trillionaire banksters). Trust me, if you follow the “other” side’s brainwashing for only a short while, you will hopefully see their patterns – tell each side, “these are the issues you’re interested in,” (and they’re usually proffered as things nobody would really disagree with). At the same time, they’re convinced they REALLY care about these other issues too, which are usually dumb is you haven’t been sold the bill of goods that they are. Then they tell the OTHER side “Can you believe it?! Those dummies believe THIS B.S!” and everyone swallows it. You know how dumb we think rednecks are? Well, they’re not; and THEY think we are that dumb… and we’re not.

    One woman who was not supposed to be in hearing range reports hearing W. Bush and Bill Clinton discussing long-term plans about how the society and economy, etc, would be manipulated (this war, then that war, then this media circus, then that demonization of some world leader who is, in fact, a threat to their mafiosi ways). She reports that their discussion reflected absolutely NOTHING along party lines; they’re totally in this together, and the “sides” are smoke and mirrors, designed to keep us pointing the finger at our neighbors rather than the truly evil people who are running things. And I don’t use the word “evil” judgmentally; it’s that darkest-before-dawn thing, except they’re saying it’s “All Trump’s Fault,” whereas in fact, the reason they hate and demonize and tear him down so badly is, he’s NOT quite as evil as they are; he DOESN’T want all-out war with Russia and/or China; and they’re champing at the bit to get them going. There is a TON of well-researched, soberly-delivered information about the truth of this – but people are so used to thinking they can trust the media, that if they haven’t heard it there, it can’t be true. Nevermind that the media, as I said, is owned and thoroughly controlled by those who would do away with sovereign governments in favor of their own unelected leadership, like the EU was patterned after. UN-ELECTED GLOBAL government. And people are like “um, ok!” So one last thing if anyone’s still reading; I don’t for a second believe someone like Trump is a hero or even very honorable; nobody that rich is. But Hillary’s richer than Trump, by far. So think about that, please… and as for the climate thing, yes we need to take better care; but the fact is, a report generated by an elitist “think tank” several decades ago is called the “Report from Iron Mountain” (that being simply where they met) – and the entire assignment was, “When we manage to get the world’s entire population under our control, i.e. there are no ‘external’ enemies, how will we keep the people in fear, thus making them even more controllable?

    The think tank came up with several possibilites, ET’s of course being one of them; but they settled on CLIMATE CHANGE. Please just ponder on that.

    1. Thanks for standing up for the truth and making the situation clear for those who still believe in the official narrative. Climate change is some real BS propaganda.

  2. Robbie,
    Thank you for your thoughtful and spiritual solutions to energies that are challenging us at this time. We do all have free will and I stand with you in holding the light. Love to all.

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