Living in Chaotic Times

An Imperiled World?

It seems like everything is falling apart all over the world right now. It’s causing many people to feel anxious, fearful and depressed. They don’t know what to do or how to help.

Although it looks bleak, it’s not as desperate as you may think.


Here’s Where We’re Headed. 

We’re currently living in a 3rd dimensional existence. It’s not a place or location. It’s a lower vibration or frequency. Vibrating at this lower frequency, we tend to be self-serving, greedy, judgmental, unenlightened, dualistic and less loving.

Gaia is shifting from a 3rd dimensional existence to a 5th dimension. We aren’t skipping the 4th dimension; we’re just zipping through it. You are in 4th dimensional frequencies when you feel joy, extreme gratitude and unconditional love.

As Earth’s vibrations rise into a higher 5th dimensional frequency, our frequency rises as well.  A higher vibration enables us to be more conscious, compassionate, service oriented. A 5th dimensional world vibrates with more love; the beliefs of the 3rd dimension seem absurd.

Because of the increasingly higher vibrations we’re currently experiencing, one by one around the world we’re raising our frequency and living in a higher consciousness with more love.


You Make a HUGE Difference.

You deliberately chose to be here right now to help in these auspicious times as the planet shifts into a higher consciousness.

You are not here to add more fear and anger to the planet.

You are here to help by increasing the energies of compassion, joy, love . . .  As you feel these various emotions, their energies move through you and out into the world, raising the collective vibration.

We are in the beginning stages of the biggest collective awakening ever seen in the history of mankind.

It helps to keep in mind everyone is attending Earth school for soul evolvement. For instance, while some students may be exploring self-love, others may be learning forgiveness or compassion.

Different classrooms, lessons, methods and pace.     

Some learn quickly while others need to repeat the lessons several lifetimes until they master it.

Currently, it’s as though everyone is cramming for a major test to move on to the next level (higher vibration). Not everyone is ready to shift into 4th dimensional vibrations, a higher consciousness.

Extend patience and compassion to others who choose to move at a slower pace. Maybe in this lifetime they aren’t ready to let go of greed, hatred or self-neglect.

Release any judgment of their choices and where they are on their evolutionary path. You can’t be in the Light while holding others in Darkness. They only know what they know. You know love, patience, compassion, acceptance . . .

Here’s another way you are here to help. Are you focusing on the darkness and chaos in the world? Or are you noticing the good in people and those making a positive difference?

Are you envisioning our planet in despair and destruction, or a peaceful world in harmony?


 There’s Tremendous Hope.

Our world is not in peril as many people think. We are pulling back the curtain to reveal 3rd dimensional beliefs and behaviors which no longer serve us. Awareness comes before change.

You desperately wanted to be here to help. You have so much to offer. Now is the time. We are what we have been waiting for.

About the Author

Robbie Holz

Robbie Holz is an internationally respected healer, medium, frequent media guest and an award-winning author.

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