How Angels Can Help You

You're Never Alone

From the minute you’re born until your final breath, you have a guardian angel who never leaves your side, not even for a second. A guardian angel is an angel who’s assigned to protect, guide and unconditionally love you, no matter what. Your guardian angel is standing by ready to help you . . . but there’s a catch.


Angels Need Your Permission

Your guardian angel guides you and doesn’t interfere with your choices unless it’s life-threatening or damaging circumstances. But they’d love to help you with so much more. In order for your angel to assist you further, you need to give your permission.

So ask for help with anything and everything.

Don’t worry about asking for something too big, too small or too often. It’s no problem. Angels always respond to every single request in a way and time that’s in the highest good of all.

The following are some of the many ways angels can enhance your life.


They Help You Achieve Your Goals

You can reach your goals better with help from your guardian angel. Say you ask your angel to assist in deepening your relationship with a loved one. A class on how to improve communication skills may spontaneously come to your awareness from two different online sources.


To help you attain your objective, your angel may send you compressed energy that unfolds over time. You might start having more acceptance towards your loved one just as they are. With downloads of energies from your guardian angel, you may feel deeper gratitude and more love for them . . . and yourself.


Angels Help You Gain Clarity

Your angel is excellent at helping you gain clarity. So ask your guardian angel to assist you in having a clearer understanding of something, like why a challenge is in your life. Even though you can’t see or directly “hear” your angel (few people do), they have many ways to convey information.

Your angel can communicate indirectly with omens (e.g., a book they feel you should read may fall off a shelf in front of you.) Angels give information in dreams.  Their guidance may come through a casual conversation with a friend, something you read or see in a movie. You may have a sudden moment of insight from a conversation you inadvertently overheard between strangers at the grocery store.

As you go about your day, pay attention to repetition of words you think, see or hear. Watch for patterns like hearing a song, having a friend unknowingly repeat the same message someone recently gave you.


They Always Respond to Every Request

It can take days, weeks or even months to gain full clarity but the guidance will come, with the pieces of the puzzle gradually fitting together. The key is to be aware, open and patient. Patience will allow you to persevere even if you don’t receive the answers right away. It will help you build faith in your angel, trusting that at the right moment they will come through with the info. Ask your angel to calm your frightened mind, and help you develop more patience and trust you’ll receive their guidance.


Angels Can Teach You Anything

In addition to guardian angels, there are teacher angels who can help you learn something new. These angels don’t stay with you like your guardian angel but come and go. You can ask a teacher angel to assist you with anything—learning the computer, how to lose weight, dating, how to release stress and feel happier.


 They Provide Extra Protection

If you’re depressed, having negative feelings, fear or nightmares, ask your guardian angel for additional protection. Archangel Michael is extraordinary at safeguarding people. When you’re going to be around a lot of people like a shopping mall or an airport, request Archangel Michael shield you from harmful energies. If you’re traveling busy roadways, ask to safely arrive at your destination.


Your Angel Connects You with a Deceased Loved One

When a loved one passes, you may suffer tremendous loss and grief. To ease your pain and provide comfort, your guardian angel can allow the beloved soul to be around you. Ask your angel to help you sense the spirit of your loved one’s presence to reassure you and lift your mood. Your angel may play meaningful lyrics in your head or significant songs on the radio. You may suddenly smell a particular scent linked to the deceased such as their favorite perfume or pipe tobacco. These all contribute to help you feel reassured and at peace.


They Help You Enjoy Everyday Life More

Many of us are so busy that we’ve forgotten how to live life and be happy. The greater part of our lives is made up of small things—the ordinary and the everyday. When we ignore these everyday things or dismiss them as trivial, we miss out on life. Ask your guardian angel to help you see all the little joys and appreciate the blessings that are in your life.


Angels Help You Heal  

Your angel can be immensely beneficial in restoring your health and wellbeing. Engage their powerful and loving assistance to pull you out of spiraling depression. Ask them to help you easily release resentment and anger from a painful betrayal, and extend forgiveness and an open heart. Solicit your guardian angel to remove the misperception that you’re not good enough, and replace it with worthiness and high levels of self-love.

You can break old patterns and create healthier new habits easier with their support. Request their aid in living a balanced lifestyle. Elicit their service to heal your disease, and maintain unwavering hope and patience during your healing process. Use their help to keep you in the present moment, and not regretting the past or worrying about the future.


There Are Endless Ways Angels Can Assist You

Your guardian angel loves you beyond your wildest imagination and wants to help you more. You vastly empower your life using their unlimited capabilities. Ask for their assistance every step of your life’s journey. Don’t forget to thank your beautiful guardian angel for their loving service to you.

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