Emotional Component to Disease: Why Your Emotions Matter


". . . a person's mind exists in every part of his body, in every single cell. 

Every thought we have, each emotion we experience, has a physical effect upon our body."

  --Dr. Gary Holz, physicist, psycho-neuro-immunologist


Your Body, Mind and Soul are Equally Involved in Wellness and Healing.

When you get sick, you focus on your body to get better. But you’re missing two other equally important factors in regaining your health.

Your emotions and soul play pivotal roles in the healing process.

Unhealthy emotions are usually the root cause of a disease. The soul may be using illness as a messenger. When your body, mind and soul are each aligned with healing, anything can be healed.


For most of us, our body and soul are on board with healing, but our emotions are not. Your thoughts and emotions impact your body. They create a healthy vibrant body . . . or disease.


Your Predominant Emotions Determine Your Level of Health.

There’s a popular saying, “You are what you eat.” The same is true for the thoughts and emotions you regularly feed yourself.

Negative, fear-based emotions—especially shame, guilt and self-hatred—weaken your body and become toxic over time if not released.

Positive, love-based emotions—especially gratitude and forgiveness—strengthen you and create vibrancy.

While you never want to suppress any emotions, it is important not to marinate in negative, fear-based emotions longer than necessary. Here’s why.

You feel and hold grief in your chest area. Over time, if you feel tremendous grief and don’t release it, you will develop unhealthy cells and physical problems in your upper body.

The unreleased grief creates a blockage of energy. Consequently, your heart chakra will slow down and become unable to adequately deliver essential life-force energy throughout your chest.

Your unreleased grief is like a blinking dashboard light, warning you of a potentially hazardous situation. You may ignore the warning and continue to immerse yourself in grief daily. But then the dashboard warning light stays lit all the time. Now you have developed a physical problem—two tumors in your lungs.

Skilled surgeons remove the tumors and give an excellent prognosis. But you resume your old routines, including your grieving. Down the road, doctors find new tumors growing in your lungs again.

Because you didn’t remove the underlying emotional core of unreleased grief which developed the tumors in the first place, tumors grew again.

Until you discover and remove this emotional core to your illness—unreleased grief—you can’t sustain healing from surgery, drugs or any other modality.


Discover and Remove the Emotional Core to Your Illness.

Your body reflects your emotions. Your physical symptoms or illness are often a result of unhealthy, pent-up, suppressed emotions.

If you don’t uproot the emotional core of your disease, it’s like picking the top of a dandelion. It will grow right back again unless the emotional root is removed.

Become aware of what type of emotions you regularly engage in. Weed out negative, toxic thoughts—key to removing the disease stimulus.

Engage more often in healthy emotions. Bring joy into your life. Choose to focus on what supports healthy living. It’s your choice.

About the Author

Robbie Holz

Robbie Holz is an internationally respected healer, medium, frequent media guest and an award-winning author.

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  1. Thank you for the information. I was blessed enough to come across both your book and Gary’s in my path as a seeker. I treasure the information and more importantly the energy found within the pages. Thank you for continuing the work.

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