Easily Quiet Your Chatty Mind

“Messages flow better when the mind is quiet and calm.”

                                                                                  —Toni Klein, author

The Mind is a Never-Ending Narrator.
Our minds jump from one thought to another. We have a hard time focusing. Few of us are in the present moment. Our minds are in perpetual states of busyness and distraction.

The answer is to quiet your mind.

A quiet mind can focus better than a restless one. When your mind is still, you hear intuition over fear. Finding stillness enables you to control your thoughts and fears. When you are mindful of the present moment, your mind will naturally calm down.


Mindfulness Brings Clarity, Peace and Serenity.
There are many easy ways to cultivate stillness throughout your busy day. One simple method is to create time throughout your day to sit for just a moment. Obviously, a daily practice of meditation is best, but you can also find brief moments of doing and thinking nothing. Even in a noisy office or crowded airport, you can stop the mind’s chatter and find stillness within.

No matter how packed your schedule, you can take a minute to be more present. Sit still and assess your state of mind. What are you feeling? Do not judge your feelings; simply observe them. Why are you feeling this way?

Next focus on your body. Engage all your senses. Feel your clothing against your skin. What do you see, hear, taste and smell?
Then take those sensations to an even greater depth. What do you hear in the distance? Become completely immersed in the present moment.

You practice mindfulness when you bring your focus to the present moment.

Most anxiety is caused by living in the past or the future.

The past is your memories and the future is your imagination. Your power is in the present moment. Bring yourself back to the present whenever your thoughts are drifting elsewhere.

It might be helpful to release your thoughts if you write a list. Write down what’s going through your mind: the emails to respond to, errands to run, tasks to complete, calls to make. Once your mind is clear, sit in stillness for a few moments. You will find peace and feel replenished.

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Robbie Holz

Robbie Holz is an internationally respected healer, medium, frequent media guest and an award-winning author.

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  1. Very nice thoughts, Robbie. Unexpected and welcome. A good reminder of what we all ‘know’ but don’t seem to practice. Keep ’em coming! Thanks.

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