Dealing with Others’ Harmful Environmental Choices

You aren’t here to save Gaia. Gaia is here to save you. She volunteered to be a learning lab to help raise consciousness individually and collectively. 


Remember the Bigger Picture.
It happens all the time. The grocery store cashier asks the person in front of you, “Paper or plastic?” and they nonchalantly reply, “Plastic.” Sometimes it’s all I can do not to interject and confront the customer with a confounded “Seriously?!”

It’s incredulous to me that people still don’t understand how such easy choices have a detrimental impact on the environment. It’s times like this I need to remind myself what’s really going on.


Earth is a School for Soul Growth.
We are souls currently embodied in a physical form on this free-will planet. Earth is an experiential school for souls to explore and evolve. Each of us is on a unique path perfectly designed for what our soul wants to experience for purposes of growth.

A younger soul’s uniquely designed journey will be very different than an older soul’s path. Younger souls are less evolved and, consequently, tend to be more materialistic, greedy, judgmental and self-serving. Older souls have undergone more growth. They are more enlightened, compassionate, loving and in service to others.

No soul is any better or less than because of where they are in their soul’s evolvement and the lessons they’re learning. Everyone is operating according to their stage of development. We’re each growing at the pace and in the way we’re capable of progressing.

No matter where anyone is on their evolutionary path (including yourself), it’s easier to find acceptance and compassion when you recognize we only know what we know. Be tolerant and honor the choices of others rather than being dragged down into negativity.

What is more important than their behavior is how you respond to their choices. You are at a different level of soul evolvement than they are. They are deliberately on your path to help you grow.

They’re providing you opportunities to respond from your heart with acceptance and compassion rather than your critical mind.

You don’t have to like any of this but at least accept it. Aim for neutrality, not triggered and affected one way or another.


Have Acceptance of Varying Levels of Evolvement.
Acceptance of harmful environmental choices by others does not allow you to be apathic toward the ecology. Support and vote for environmentally conscious politicians who will take action on climate change. Reduce, reuse, recycle. Make life-affirming, compassionate choices every day.

It is paramount to have acceptance rather than judgment. Non-judgment is essential for soul evolution.

The next time you’re behind someone in the check-out line loading up plastic bags with single-use plastic water bottles, remember everyone is purposefully on your path for your growth.

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Robbie Holz

Robbie Holz is an internationally respected healer, medium, frequent media guest and an award-winning author.

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