Dealing with Misogyny

Some Men Unconsciously Disrespect Women.

Misogyny is certainly front and center in the news these days. And for good reason. It’s so blatant, it can’t be buried or denied any longer. Who exactly is a misogynist? How did they get like that? How do you deal with them?

Although misogynists are everywhere, they are not always easy to spot. There are a wide variety of misogynists. Some misogynists believe women are subservient to men and they belong in the kitchen. Others disrespect or dislike women. More extreme misogynists have a hatred toward women.

Usually misogynists don’t even know they are prejudiced toward women. Oftentimes these feelings are formed early in life and unconscious. These beliefs may have resulted from a trauma with a trusted female. It could have originated with a negligent or abusive mother, sister or girlfriend.

Unless the misogynist has a desire to shift his behavior, it’s unlikely he’ll change. He lacks the insight and awareness to clearly see who he really is.

If you encounter misogynists, here are some suggestions to help you compassionately deal with them.


 Keep Your Sense of Humor Around Misogyny.

One of your options is to ignore misogynistic behavior. Although you may be tempted to have it out with someone who makes a callous remark, sometimes it’s best to let it go. If you engage in trading insults, it turns into a mudslinging contest.

One of the most effective ways to deal with a misogynist is to politely communicate your thoughts. Measure your words and watch your tone to make your point but avoid getting into an argument. Kindly let them know that their inappropriate remark is belittling and insensitive. Stay courteous. If you can, use your sense of humor.


Create Limits and Protective Boundaries Around Their Harmful Behavior.

Each of us is on a unique path perfectly designed for what our soul wants to explore and experience for purposes of growth. Earth consists of a wide range of younger to older souls, each growing at the pace and in the way they’re capable of progressing. Allow others the course they choose for their evolvement. Respect the choices and lessons of others, rather than reacting with negativity.

The misogynist is learning what they need on a soul level. Maybe their soul deliberately wants them to experience being a misogynist. Being exposed to misogyny, you are provided with tremendous opportunities for your own growth.

What’s important when you encounter a misogynist is how you respond. Is your mind running the show, and you’re lashing out in judgment and anger? Or are you responding from your heart with acceptance and compassion? Everyone is deliberately on your path to help you grow. What are they here to teach you?

I’m not condoning the behavior of misogynists. I’m saying don’t let them drag you down into negativity. Pay attention to what kind of energy you’re creating which is affecting you and everyone around you. The world needs more compassion. It’s highly likely you signed up to add more love-based energy to our collective and the planet.

That doesn’t mean you have to subject yourself to toxic situations with misogynists. That’s a lesson right there about self-love. It’s appropriate to protect yourself by setting limits and healthy boundaries with others.


Respond to Misogyny from a Higher Consciousness.

People have developed into who they are for a reason. Dig a little deeper to understand the circumstances that molded them. Have they had love withheld or withdrawn from them to make them behave the way they do? Compassion is easier when you’re aware of what they’ve had to face or overcome.

Focus on the good in them and accept them exactly as they are. Find things to be grateful for about them, including the soul growth opportunities they present to you. Try to find it in your heart to have unconditional love and compassion for them. That boils down to acceptance. That’s when inner struggle ends and true peace begins.

When encountering a misogynist, intuitively listen to what your soul wants you to do. Are you supposed to report them, join protest marches to turn things around, or let it go? Whatever you do, make sure that you’re reacting from your heart—not your fearful, controlling mind. That’s key. We all know that fighting fear with fear doesn’t work. When you push, they push back. The answer is to respond from a higher consciousness with love behind it.

If you look, you’ll find redeeming qualities in even the worst misogynist. Be kind to others who haven’t yet learned what you already have. You both have much to teach each other.

About the Author

Robbie Holz

Robbie Holz is an internationally respected healer, medium, frequent media guest and an award-winning author.

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  1. Very well stated. I choose to believe the Divine Feminine, balanced woman, is restoring a more gentle, loving, joyful and trusting approach toward humanity with her grace, compassion and love, our true power and demonstrates this as you’ve so beautifully stated. Thank you and your team of experts ??

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