Dealing with Irresponsible Choices by Others


“Don’t let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace.”  

                                                                               —Dalai Lama

 A Different Perspective Will Help You.

It can be challenging at best when people make irresponsible choices. Politicians refuse to act on climate change. Despite what’s at stake, people don’t vote. Drivers text while driving. Protesters march in the streets to support bigoted agendas. Social media deliberately spreads dangerous fake news.

It’s hard not to get triggered into frustration, anger and despair.

You try to keep a healthy, positive outlook on life but it’s easy to get off track when people make choices which have a negative impact on others and the planet.

You can find happiness and peace regardless of others’ choices. It starts with a different perspective.


Earth is a Learning Lab.

Earth is a free-will planet with extremes of Darkness and Light. There are younger souls who tend to be self-serving, greedy, materialistic and judgmental. There are more evolved souls here who are more compassionate, loving and have a strong desire to help others.

These tremendous contrasts provide endless opportunities to make huge leaps in a soul’s evolution. It’s all deliberately here for each soul’s expansion.

Each of us is on a unique path specifically designed for what our soul wants to experience for growth purposes. Everyone has agreed on a soul level to encounter situations that are designed to help us evolve.

It’s important to remember we each agreed to play the different roles, including wildlife. For example, animals and birds agreed to be the victims of oil spills and massive wildfires brought about through climate change. Gunshot victims and their families agreed on a soul level to be part of mass shootings.

Here’s another example. Maybe you’ve already mastered acceptance of others with different belief systems, ethnicities, etc., but others have not. Younger souls who haven’t learned that yet are going to resist people who are different. A less-evolved soul may need to experience prejudice firsthand to become compassionate toward others.

We’re each growing at the pace and in the way we’re capable of progressing. Do not be judgmental of those who haven’t mastered what you have.

If you find yourself triggered by the choices of others in their earlier stages of soul development, ask yourself: Why is this on my path? How is this here to help me grow?


React from Your Heart, not Your Fearful Mind.

It’s okay not to like the choices of others but you need to accept it as part of a learning process for soul growth. Acceptance doesn’t mean you need to expose yourself to toxic situations with people. That’s a lesson right there about self-love. It’s alright to protect yourself by setting limits and healthy boundaries with others.

Acceptance also does not equate to apathy. If you feel drawn to support environmental organizations working to save our planet, do so. Run for an elected office. Buy from businesses who engage in ethical practices, who are good stewards to the earth.

As much as possible, respond from your heart, not from the mind with its fears, expectations, and anger. Fighting fear with fear never works. It just creates a push and they will push back.


You Are Here to Help Shift the Collective into Higher Consciousness.


“You are not here to save Mother Earth. Mother Earth is here to save you.

Gaia volunteered to be a free-will planet to help raise consciousness individually and collectively.”


There’s more than soul growth at play. You’re here to help with the transition into greater enlightenment. That’s why you eagerly signed up to be here right now in these auspicious, chaotic, crazy times.

What will save us is a love-based higher consciousness. You are here to help as, one by one, we shift into an enlightened state and higher frequencies of love.

You didn’t come here to add more low-vibrational energies of fear, depression, anger, hopelessness. You certainly didn’t come to judge and criticize how primitive and unenlightened people are here.

It is paramount to have acceptance rather than judgment.

You are here to hold the vision of planetary peace and harmony. You are here to make daily compassionate, life-affirming choices, especially with your buying power. You are here to add to the energies of compassion, acceptance, love, kindness . . .

You are a forerunner, a path maker, ahead of the bell curve of awakening. It’s unlikely you’ll see the results of your efforts because we’re a few generations away from total enlightenment by the collective.

It’s time to remember who you are and why you’re here. As you allow others to learn in the way they need for their own evolvement, you’ll find acceptance and happiness.

Everything serves a purpose. That perspective will allow you to be in this world but not of it. It will help you be peaceful in the middle of the storm.

About the Author

Robbie Holz

Robbie Holz is an internationally respected healer, medium, frequent media guest and an award-winning author.

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  1. Wow, Robbie. This is a beautiful perspective and resonates with me deeply. I am moved to tears of gratitude as I read, “Gaia volunteered to be a free-will planet to help raise consciousness individually and collectively.”
    You’re right. So much of my suffering right now is because I am angry and fearful for the “victims”, especially Mother Earth.
    I know to choose love motivation over fear motivation. That’s basic evolution 101, right? But how easy it is to get pulled into … [fill in the blank]. I need to be reminded of my heart’s purpose here. (How evolved am I? Well, there is no far down the path when the endpoints are infinity!)
    Thank you again for channeling messages of hope and assurance!

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