Being Happy in Turbulent Times

You Can Find Peace.

Everything around us seems to be incredibly chaotic and falling apart these days. The world is engulfed in one crisis after another. Our planet appears to be heading toward disastrous consequences because we continue to foul our nest. Governments and economies around the world are crumbling. Inequities are expanding at an alarming rate. It’s hard to stay out of fear and hopelessness with all this chaos.

Despite what appears to be overwhelming challenges, you can find peace and serenity. To do that, you need to change your perspective.


The Planet Is Shifting in Consciousness.  

It’s important to keep in mind there’s a bigger picture at play here and things are not as they appear. Everything is happening exactly the way it is for a reason.

Our planet is going through birthing pains. Gaia is becoming a spiritual planet and that means change is necessary. Big change.

To accomplish this, more of us need to become enlightened. That’s why the curtain is being pulled back. Darkness is being exposed by light. Lies and deception are surfacing. People are waking up.

Many of you deliberately chose to incarnate at this auspicious time to help with this planetary transformation. You incarnated to add specific energies and knowledge to the collective—the oneness that we are each a part of. As you awaken in consciousness, it contributes that knowledge to this unified field we all belong to. Your awakening makes it easier for others to awaken.

Some of you deliberately chose to add more energy of acceptance to the collective. You do that by accepting circumstances and people. Others are seeding the energy of forgiveness. Many others worldwide are contributing more love and peace by feeling those emotions.

You are also seeding love-based energies into the collective.

What you’re doing is important work and it’s no small thing (we currently could use more hope if you want to volunteer for extra credit.)


There Are Tremendous Reasons for Hope.

And speaking of hope, there are plenty of reasons to have more of it. Around the globe, people in very large numbers are quietly shifting into higher consciousness. They’re remembering that we’re interconnected and one.

When you’re in an increased consciousness, you think and act differently. You live from a state of more love, strong desire to help others, deep respect for our beloved planet and everything on her, and acceptance of others just the way they are.

One by one, people are shifting out of their fearful, conditioned minds and into their compassionate, loving hearts. It’s a gradual shift that doesn’t happen overnight but we’re definitely in the midst of it. The more things are shaken up, the faster we move into enlightenment. That’s why there’s massive shakeup worldwide.

You’ll discover greater consciousness all around you if you look for it. But you won’t likely hear about it on the popular news channels. They’re selling something else.


“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking

we used when we created them.” –Albert Einstein


Awakening to higher consciousness is what’s going to save us. It’s happening right now on a grassroots level. And you’re a part of it—one of the forerunners. You are at the forefront of the bell curve. We are a couple of generations away from a world in harmony, peace and love.

You came here to help shift the consciousness of the planet away from fear, and into love and a higher consciousness by living it. As you do that a little more each day, you’ll find inner peace and happiness no matter what’s going on around you.

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Robbie Holz

Robbie Holz is an internationally respected healer, medium, frequent media guest and an award-winning author.

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