Accelerate Awakening

We Are Raising Our Consciousness Individually and Collectively.

Enlightenment is occurring worldwide. One by one we are awakening in unprecedented numbers. Consciousness is increasing that we are eternal Divine luminous beings, each a part of Oneness.

The more awakened you are, the more you rise above the ego with its illusions, manipulations, and pain. When you’re living in an unconscious state, it’s very easy to be controlled by your fearful mind.

Once you awaken to what your egoic mind is doing, it loses its power over you.


Stay in the Present Moment.

The present moment is where your power lies, where you create from, and all there is.

As you grow in consciousness, you realize that living in the past or future is a clever distraction created by the mind to keep you from staying in the present moment.

To accelerate the awakening process, become more mindful throughout your day.

Am I living in the present moment or has my mind dragged me down dark alleys of the past or future?

When someone makes choices different than I’d make, do I react with an open heart or with judgment and expectations of what’s “right” and “wrong”?

Rather than being on autopilot with your fearful mind behind the steering wheel, operate from a higher consciousness. Gain awareness of what emotional triggers pull you into potholes of anxiety and depression.

This lifetime is about stepping off the mind’s crazy ride. Or do you need another lifetime(s) to stop your mind’s manipulation and control? It’s fine if you do.


Live Daily as a Nonpartisan Witness.

Release your identities. All of them. You are not who your egoic mind identifies as.

What’s left when you release all the labels you’ve attached to your sense of self? That’s the place you want to get to as often as possible. You simply become a witness to what flows in the present moment. Being a witness, or observer, isn’t an identity but a state of being.

When you are a witness, you experience everything beyond the limitations of your ego’s beliefs and identities. That’s a very different, untainted world. That is where you’re able to feel the sense of Oneness. You know you are a part of It and It is a part of you.


The best way to accelerate your awakening is when you’re faced with any choice, decide whether to approach it through your ego’s identities and beliefs or in a witness state. What you’ll come to realize is that Divine Source is the one observing, feeling, walking, breathing through you. It’s not any of your ego’s false identities.

As you slowly transcend the ego, you continue to reach higher levels of awakening and become more enlightened. It’s the path every single one of us is on and our ultimate goal. Everyone will get there eventually.

About the Author

Robbie Holz

Robbie Holz is an internationally respected healer, medium, frequent media guest and an award-winning author.

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