Reviews of “Aboriginal Secrets of Awakening”

Here's what people are saying about the award-winning Aboriginal Secrets of Awakening by Robbie Holz with Christiann Howard:

“A memoir of an extraordinary journey into the unknown, which opens dazzling new worlds for the reader.” (Whitley Strieber, author of Communion and host of Dreamland Radio)

Aboriginal Secrets of Awakening has it all: adventure, love, gain, loss. Robbie’s stories of healing will lead you to the inner world of your own heart, where love and healing await you. A book not to be missed!” (Krysta Gibson, publisher of New Spirit Journal)

“Get comfortable and start reading. You’ll be transported into a dynamic world that gives insight, value, and hope for a future you can help design.” (Donna Seebo, host of The Donna Seebo Show)

Aboriginal Secrets of Awakening is a profound journey into the ancient Aboriginal healings and the power of the human spirit and mind in the ability to heal as choice not chance. A must-read for anyone challenged with a chronic illness.” (Sonia Trejo, health and wellness coach and founder of the Alchemy of Hope and Healing)

“If you have ever wondered ‘Why do bad things happen to good people?’ then Aboriginal Secrets of Awakening will help you to understand how all exists for a higher good, which is the basis of All that is.” (Susan E. Kolb, M.D., F.A.C.S., host of Temple of Health Radio Show)

“From the first page, Robbie draws you so deeply into experiencing her life that by the final page you feel a connection with her husband so palpable you can feel his presence. This book is a must-read for spiritual seekers, those curious about alternative healing, and anyone who savors romance.” (Leah Grant, intuitive, speaker, author, and creator of Ecstatic Meditation)

“Gleaned from the timelessness of ancient wisdom, Aboriginal Secrets of Awakening holds the key to understanding self-healing on a mind, body, and spirit level.” (Linda Mackenzie, host of Radio Network)

“This book will take readers on a journey as they learn to live their passions and free themselves from their health and life challenges and move from sickness to wellness.” (Stephanie E. Tippie, RRT, cohost of Aging Younger Radio)

“A moving memoir of an extraordinary journey, courageous in its intimacy, this is a story of miraculous healing and an adventure into the world of spirit that demonstrates the challenges and the rewards of the sacred quest for wholeness in mind, body, and spirit.” (Marilyn McGuire, founder of Nautilus Book Awards)

“Brilliantly reveals the secrets of the spiritual world--how to live an illuminated life. Well done!” (“Sonjan” David Christopher McCombs, coauthor of Apprenticeship of the Soul)

Aboriginal Secrets of Awakening is beautifully written. An inspiring memoir that will move you deeply.” (Karen R. Perkins, D.B.A., CPM, Personal growth consultant and trainer)

“Beautifully told, Aboriginal Secrets of Awakening ranks up there with the most compelling books to cherish.” (Starfeather Marcy, spiritual teacher, healer, artist, and medicine woman)

Aboriginal Secrets of Awakening not only makes me grateful for my own health and for those around me but also captivates and inspires further hope beyond the traditional medicine approach.” (Jen Blau, CPT, wellness coach)

"A beautiful love story that will open you to larger and mysterious forces in the world. It is a must read if you are seeking healing of any kind." (Adrienne Fermoyle, MSW, author of Transforming Grief: A Healing Journey Into the Labyrinth of Loss)

"Empowering story which inspires confidence and a quest for your own self healing. A must read." (Nancy Gordon, LCSW, author of 7 Steps of Hope and Pink the 3-Legged Dog Who Found Her Courage)

"A courageous, inspiring and powerful testimonial to the true nature of healing." (Jan Goldstoff, co-founder of Golden Rolodex Group)

"Robbie's surrender to the transformative power of love shines a bright beacon on our own quest for wholeness." (Jim Macartney, author of Crisis to Creation)

"You owe it to yourself, and those you love, to read and share this book." (Seth Greene, CEO and author of Facebook Ninja)

"This book will be a lifeline for anyone looking for evidence of healing outside the world of mainstream medicine." (Caitriona Reed, co-founder Five Changes)

"What a beautiful story of healing, inspiration and love." (Deborah Morehead, LMFT and author of Happy for Life) 

"This book will be incredibly inspiring for anyone with health challenges or who feels that there must be more to life." (Cornelia Ward, author of Go Forward Fearlessly)

"Fascinating!" (Kris Wilkerson, artist)

"A captivating tale of healing, acceptance and awakening, made all the better by the fact that this book is entirely true." (Paula Diaco, writer)