What Would Love Do?

Life is full of challenging situations. It’s not always easy to know what to do. No matter what you’re facing, the answer to the following question will provide the best guidance: What would love do? The answer will help you navigate better through anything life throws at you.
Say you’re encountering a challenge at home. Your spouse has become increasingly frustrated with their job. He, or she, comes home from work and immediately goes off into a rant criticizing their co-workers. Being hit by this wave of negativity leaves you feeling depleted and gloomy. You’re not sure how to handle your spouse’s aggravation.

Ask yourself, What would love do? Love would find the compassion to listen to your spouse’s irritations. But love would also give you permission to say no and set up boundaries for self-protection so you aren’t overly exposed to toxic emotions.
Here’s another common scenario many of us have experienced at some point. A few months ago, I unconsciously scarfed down the remainder of a bag of chips while slouched on the couch watching TV. As my salty fingers rummaged around in the bottom of the now empty bag, I realized, I ate the whole damn thing!

As I turned off the TV and dragged myself to bed, the internal beating begins. I berated myself for not being more present but mainly for not taking better care of myself.

As guilt welled up in my chest, I caught myself and consciously decided to switch gears. I asked myself, What would love do? Love would stop all criticism and judgment. Love would extend kindness to myself while I became more conscious and mindful. Love would be patient as I learned to make healthier choices.
Let’s say you feel your best friend tends to play the victim card often. When she comes to dinner one evening, she describes in great detail the latest incident where, in her mind, she’s been maltreated. You get annoyed with her and wish she would see things from a broader perspective.

Then you take a deep breath and ask yourself, What would love do? Love would know she’s not broken and doesn’t need to be fixed. Love would embrace her exactly the way she is.
You’ll discover the more often you ask, “What would love do?”, the easier it is to tap into the best guidance for every situation you encounter in your life.
It will never steer you wrong.

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Robbie Holz

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