Something very important is being requested of us women. Women are being asked to restore the balance of masculine and feminine energies on the planet. You have chosen to be female at this time to help achieve that.

Over the last couple thousand years, the human collective has gotten out of balance. We’ve become conditioned to think more with our left brain than our right brain. This left-brain dominance has created an imbalance which has had a dramatic negative impact on the Earth, humans and all creatures.

The left brain is characterized as masculine, analytical, competitive, determined, linear thinking and action oriented. When someone thinks a lot with his or her left brain, they rely too much on math and science to understand the deeper, less physical aspects of life, and lack spiritual awareness and creativity.

Conversely, the right brain is characterized as feminine, intuitive, spiritual, compassionate, emotional, creative and holistic thinking. Using the right brain enables us to love and understand one another in a spiritual and holistic way.

It’s essential to engage both right and left sides of the brain equally so there is a balance of feminine and masculine energies. This is critical to the survival of our species.

We women are charged with a sacred trust—that trust is restoring balance to our world. You volunteered to create a new and better paradigm. (Yep, you got in that line.) Before you incarnated, you agreed to live your life with a balance of feminine and masculine energies. To do this, you need to make sure you aren’t dominated by one side of your brain.

Are you left-brain oriented?

Here are a few questions to help you determine whether you tend to favor your left brain.
1. Is your desk neat and organized?
2. Are you good at math?
3. Does your life tend to be very structured?
4. Are you detail oriented at tasks?
If you answered yes to most, or all, of the above questions, you may be left-brain dominant.

Do you favor the right brain?

Answer the following questions to see if you are right-brain oriented.
1. Do you recognize and follow your intuition?
2. Do you have a hard time following verbal directions?
3. Do you easily express your emotions?
4. Do you engage in creativity like art?
If you answered yes to most, or all, of the above questions, you may be right-brain dominant.

Strive for balance

It’s important to have both brain hemispheres equally at play in your life, rather than one side running the show. Whole brain integration is the key to a balanced life . . . and a balanced planet. Practicing mindfulness will greatly assist right and left brain integration.

What do you do if you think too much with your left brain? Relaxation exercises, guided imagery, and meditation would be very beneficial to bring back the balance. Also, discover if you lack feminine qualities, like nurturing, sensitivity, innocence. Take steps to strengthen what you’re deficient in so you can be more equalized.

If your right brain is in charge and not allowing you to access your left brain much, you can rectify that a few different ways. Have someone help you become more organized and maintain a disciplined daily schedule. Learn if you’re deficient in certain masculine qualities, like independence, assertiveness and focused. Shore up what you’re lacking in and find a balance between the feminine/masculine qualities.

As you live your daily life equally engaging both sides of your brain, being balanced in feminine and masculine qualities, it adds to the collective energy. You pave the way energetically for others to do the same.

Together we can restore balance and create a better world. You can make a big difference . . . starting right now!

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