Team Up with Your Spirit Guides and Angels – Let Go of Pain and Struggle


You were never designed to live your life unaided by the heavenly realm. Tremendous help is always given to you from the spirit world, ‘other side of the veil.’ Think of it in terms of a celestial team.

This divine team can consist of:

  • your higher self (or your soul),
  • spirit guides,
  • angels,
  • ancestors,
  • spirit animals,
  • ascended masters, etc.

They are all varied forms of whatever you call God, or Source. Your team members change according to your current needs and requests, i.e., parenting issues, career path, spiritual evolvement. While your team players may alternate, you have a main guide who is always by your side in this particular lifetime.


Your team is always guiding, protecting and assisting you. They do so with extreme intelligence, patience, and love. Your life journey requires you to gain certain insights for your soul’s growth. Your guides help you stay on that course. By working with your team, you can obtain these necessary perspectives through enjoyable experiences, without pain and struggle. Since they can see the bigger picture, they can also help you find the best path leading to your desires.

You vastly empower your life with their unlimited capabilities. They make life easier by assisting you every step of the way with whatever you need.

Among other things, your powerful team can help you:

  • find a better job,
  • send you patience during heavy traffic,
  • show you ways to improve your relationships,
  • boost your confidence during a business meeting
  • or clarify your soul’s purpose.

Nothing is too big or too small for them. However, like a child learning to tie their shoes, you need to ask for their help before they will step in and help untangle the mess.


Your team wants to help you. They love you beyond your wildest imagination. You are God in a human form. Every time they help you, they are helping God in a physical body. Letting them be of service enables them to grow and expand in love, so it's a win/win situation for everyone.


Start with the intention of requesting their help with a particular situation. Ask in your mind or out loud for their assistance. Next give the whole thing over to them, with no expectations of how or when it will be resolved. Then follow their guidance. See “How to Talk to Angels and Spirit Guides.”

Say, for instance, you want to lose weight. You have the intention of getting in better shape and you ask your heavenly guides for help. They may increase your motivation to get exercise. A friend might spontaneously invite you for a walk or to a yoga class. You may start craving healthier foods instead of sugary snacks. Your team can assist you in endless ways.

You can also ask your angels to help others.

For instance, you can request they:

  • send comfort to a stressed mother,
  • healing to a sick friend,
  • find a loving home for an abandoned dog,
  • send courage to government leaders,
  • heal the earth’s polluted waters.

Legions of angels are waiting for your requests. However, they will only do what is appropriate for each particular situation.


Trust they hear you and are answering your request in a way that’s perfect for you. Despite your repeated pleas, your team won’t help you win the lottery if it’s not part of your soul’s particular journey. But they will bring prosperity into your life in many other ways. Often there is Divine Timing and much involved behind the scenes to fulfill your petition. You may not get the desired results if you impatiently jump before the next stepping stone is set in place. Ask them to send you patience while you wait.

There may be other reasons your prayers are not immediately answered. Although they heard your request, they won’t immediately heal your injured hip if its purpose is to get you to slow down. They will first show you ways to cut back on your hectic schedule, so you no longer need the message behind the disabling hip. After you are living a more balanced lifestyle and taking care of your body’s needs, they will then assist you with fully healing your hip. See “How Angels and Spirit Guides Communicate with You.”


As the human member, you have an important role on this team. You are the spirit who bravely incarnated on earth. With your unique human perspectives, emotions, physical body, and love, you can provide assistance to the spirit world.

While it is always your choice, you have many opportunities to help the heavenly realm each day. Your team will guide you where you are needed.

You may be called to:

  • extend a smile and kind word to a grocery clerk contemplating suicide,
  • comfort a grieving friend,
  • paint an inspiring picture,
  • lead combat troops to safety,
  • provide a hot meal and gloves to a homeless person,
  • rescue an injured bird.

You are the messenger, the helping hands, the cheerful voice, the compassionate ear. Do not underestimate your ability to help.


Your guides are always eager to assist you, so team up with them often. Be sure to thank them. Before you know it, you will be leading an easier, joyful life and fulfilling your heart's desires.

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