Stop Negative Thinking toward High-Profile People

Negative Thinking is More Harmful Than You Think.

Almost everyone judges people who are in the limelight especially politicians and celebrities. Social media encourages it.

When you harshly judge someone, it may seem harmless, but you are filling your mind with toxic thoughts and lowering your vibration. As the popular saying goes, it’s like drinking poison yourself and hoping that it kills the other person. You’re only hurting yourself.

Here are ways to stop feeling negativity toward high-profile people.   


You Aren’t Here to Judge How Unenlightened People Are.

When you’re being judgmental or critical, you are creating negative energy. That energy not only radiates throughout your body but emanates out around you—adversely affecting yourself and others. The last thing you or the world needs is more negative energy.   

Frustration, blame and belittling drag you down into lower vibrations. It’s easier to engage in negativity when you’re regularly hanging out in these lower frequencies. And, of course, like attracts like.  

You aren’t here to add more negativity like criticism, intolerance and anger.

You certainly aren’t here to judge how primitive and unenlightened the Earth’s Homo sapiens are.

Take a step back and remember why you’re here.

You signed up to be a pathmaker, a lightworker.

You “stood in line” to be here in these auspicious times as we shift, one by one, into an awakened state of higher consciousness and enlightenment.

You may not remember it, but you chose to bring more love and higher consciousness to the planet to help with mass collective transformation. It’s the 100th Monkey Phenomenon. Everyone is connected by a unified field of collective consciousness. Leaps in consciousness are achieved when a critical mass point is reached.

You’re here to move the needle of the tipping point toward enlightenment. (Psst. The mass tipping point needed isn’t that high.)

When you awaken, it becomes part of the collective consciousness and makes it easier for others to awaken. As you engage in an enlightened way of living with compassion and forgiveness, it adds to the collective tipping point and makes it easier for others to do the same.


Pay Attention to What Type of Energy You’re Adding to the Planet.

We’re deliberately being controlled by being divided, competitive and judgmental—anything but unified and tolerant. Those in power know it’s easier to manipulate us when we feel fearful, overwhelmed and powerless—that North Korea could bomb us at any moment. (FYI, nuclear bombing is not gonna happen. Benevolent beings will continue to stop any nuclear attacks. They will not allow the planet to be destroyed.)

There are more reasons to stop the negativity. Negative emotions can become loosh. The definition of loosh is “energy produced by humans that others use to feed from.”

Stop creating loosh that feeds the Darkness.

Take back your power! Choose not to play their game, be distracted and controlled anymore. Disengage from any negativity.

At the very least, stay neutral. Like misbehaving children, ignore the unruly behavior of politicians and celebrities. Shift your focus to the good that is happening, the people that are making a positive difference in the world.


You’re Deliberately Here to Add More Love-Based Emotions.

There’s a popular saying that Mother Teresa would never go to an anti-war rally, only pro-peace, because she never wanted to give any energy to the war. Same thing here.

Turn off the news, ignore the media circus. Don’t join in the celebrity bashing. Refrain from adding fuel to the fire about controversial politicians and who is tweeting what.

Put your energy and focus on the world you want, never on one that you don’t want. Hold the vision of our world in harmony and love. Create a world that is compassionate, loving and peaceful by living that way. Engage in loved-based emotions throughout your day.

One individual at a time, the world is slowly shifting from negativity to love, compassion and forgiveness. You enthusiastically volunteered to help with this transformation by adding more love-based emotions to the collective. It’s happening right now and you are a part of it.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.  

About the Author

Robbie Holz

Robbie Holz is an internationally respected healer, medium, frequent media guest and an award-winning author.

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  1. Thank you so much Robbie! I’m very gratefull to you. Your message is so helpfull at this moment for me to stick to my plan of living and giving love and positivity!

  2. Powerfully, beautifully expressed, Robbie! This has been a sticky place for even the most seasoned Lightworkers. Thank you for being a clarifier, a light, and a blessing to all beings on this earth.

  3. Robbie, najlepša hvala za vaše besede. V tem trenutku sem potrebovala to sporo?ilo. Res je, ko najdeš svoj notranji mir, te ne more ni? ve? presenetiti.
    S spoštovanjem in ljubeznijo do vas in ostalega sveta .


  4. Robbie, thank you for your reminders; sometimes it is so easy to slip into the “goo” and become critical. You are right, we are not here to judge but to be the constant light of love and acceptance no matter how the world appears dressed.

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