Stop Hating Politicians

It’s hard to view the news these days and not feel disgust or downright hatred toward certain politicians. The harm they are causing targeted groups and the environment can make even the most passive observer become enraged.

But when you feel hatred for someone, your daily thoughts become commingled with that toxic negativity. It makes it easier to get pulled downward into lower frequencies. When you’re in these lower frequencies, you find yourself engaging more often in lower-vibrational emotions like depression, anger and despair. It becomes a vicious cycle of unhealthy thoughts and feelings that affect you and those around you.

So how do you stop hating certain politicians who are doing such horrible things? Read on for ways to break free from this debilitating emotion.


You Progress in Soul Growth When You Release Negativity. 

What makes a big difference is whether you’re viewing life from your mind’s perspective or your soul’s. Your mind will focus on all the negatives and work itself up into quite a tizzy. Your soul, however, will take a completely different stance.

It helps to remember you’re a soul here to explore your Divine nature and for growth purposes. You’re not here to save the world. The world is here to save you! This free-will planet is a learning lab or school setting perfect for souls to explore and evolve.

It’s ideal for growth because Earth is comprised from younger souls to older souls, extreme contrasts of Darkness and Light. Just like in a painting, the contrasts make it easier to see things more clearly. These tremendous contrasts provide opportunities for soul growth. It’s hard to grow when everything is in perfection, like on the other side of the veil. I can’t overemphasize how the growth potential here is endless and HUGE, with chances to learn left and right (no political pun intended.)

Your soul’s passion is making progress and moving forward in love. Soul evolution requires releasing your mind’s negativity and responding more and more often with your Divine nature of extraordinary love, compassion and forgiveness. Overcoming any negativity will help you make leaps forward.


You’re Helping Raise Consciousness.

Individually and as a collective, we are shifting into higher levels of love and consciousness worldwide. What’s happening globally is designed to help us all grow in consciousness more quickly. It’s also deliberately to get our attention and spur us into action now! If things weren’t so outrageous, we’d go back to our unconscious living. What’s currently happening politically is deliberately to shake us out of our apathy, realize what’s vitally important and protect it: a healthy planet, equality, fairness . . . The most despised politicians are very effective catalysts at unknowingly producing this awakening and needed change.

We’re intentionally being controlled by being negative, divided and judgmental—anything but unified and compassionate. Those in power know it’s easier to manipulate us when we feel fearful, overwhelmed and powerless—that North Korea could bomb us at any moment. (FYI, nuclear bombing is not going to happen. Benevolent beings will continue to stop any nuclear attacks.)

There are more reasons to stop the negativity and hatred. All negative emotions become loosh. The definition of loosh is “energy produced by humans that others use to feed from.” Stop creating loosh that feeds the Darkness.

It’s also helpful to keep in mind that everyone agreed to play the different roles at this Earth school, including wildlife, refugees, and grade-school gun-shot victims.


You’re Here to Add Love-Based Emotions to the Planet.

You aren’t here to add more negativity like criticism, intolerance and anger. You certainly aren’t here to judge how primitive and unenlightened the Earth’s Homo sapiens are.

Take a step back and remember another reason why you’re here. You signed up to be a pathmaker, a Lightworker. You “stood in line” to be here in these auspicious times as we shift, one by one, into an awakened state of higher consciousness and enlightenment.

You may not remember it, but you chose to bring more love and higher consciousness to the planet to help with mass collective transformation. It’s the 100th Monkey Phenomenon. Everyone is connected by a unified field of collective consciousness. Leaps in consciousness are achieved when a critical mass point is reached. You’re here to add to the tipping point to move us into enlightenment and love. (Psst. The mass tipping point needed isn’t that high.)

When you awaken, it becomes part of the collective consciousness and makes it easier for others to awaken. As you engage in an enlightened way of living with compassion and forgiveness, it adds to the collective tipping point and makes it easier for others to do the same.


React from Your Heart. 

So, here’s your soul’s pop quiz at Earth school:  Are you going to allow certain politicians to drag you down into lower-vibrational emotions like hatred? The planet and collective certainly doesn’t need more of that, and that’s not why you’re here. Or are you going to feel compassion and forgiveness?

Tremendous growth opportunities await each and every one of us! The answer is always to react from your heart, not your enraged mind. You don’t have to like what’s occurring but accept it’s designed for our growth. If you can’t find acceptance, at least aim for being neutral about certain politicians. They aren’t ready yet to open up to love and truly be in service to others.

Recognize the most hated politicians are specifically to awaken us and urge us into action. If you feel guided, join in the protests against what they’re doing but march with love-based emotions, not anger. Help people register to vote or run for office yourself because it feels like the right thing to do, not out of outrage and fear. Yes, please do any number of helpful things but whatever you do, react from your heart, not your frustrated, angry mind.

The world will change when we change and respond from a higher consciousness with compassion, forgiveness and love. That’s happening one-by-one worldwide right this moment—and you’re a part of that. When you approach things with your heart, and allow love and forgiveness to flow through you, that’s what the world will reflect. That’s what you’re here to master and how you’re being of enormous service.

About the Author

Robbie Holz

Robbie Holz is an internationally respected healer, medium, frequent media guest and an award-winning author.

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  1. Aloha Robbie! Sitting in Kauai on vacation and read your article.. literally brought tears to my eyes! You are so right on… I needed to remember that! Love always wins..

  2. I’ve been struggling with “news addiction” which feeds my anger and hatred. Your article was so helpful I could feel my energy shift and open. I’m excited to do my part to help love trump hate in me and in the world.
    Thank you so much!

  3. Thanks! I so agree with everything you said. Additionally, I discovered that I get sick or don’t get sick based on whether I am upset with the political scene or I’m not. And I prefer to be healthy. So I let others do what they do and I offer compassion.

  4. Thanks for writing so beautifully what I’ve been thinking for a very long time. Sharing this with us is a wonderful reminder to be grateful for the opportunity to participate in our collective growth. Yes! Thank you!

  5. Excellent article, Robbie. Such a great reminder about why we’re here now and how we can handle all the negativity. Thanks!!

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