Speed Up Healing Now!

Guess what the biggest factor in healing is? Your mind!

That’s right. A focused mind is one of the most potent things on the planet. Yet it’s often underutilized in the healing process.

Here’s how to use your powerful mind to accelerate healing starting right now.

Have you ever decided to get a new car? You research the latest models online. You debate with your friends which car is the best choice. You vacuum your current car so you can trade or sell it. Your thoughts and actions are totally focused on getting your new car. You’re excited the whole time about your new vehicle.

Use that same process to accelerate healing.

Daydream about doing some of your favorite activities, like canoeing a local lake with your family. Tune up your bicycle and check the air pressure on the tires. Eat to support a healthy body. Visualize strolling through art museums in Italy. Focus your thoughts and actions toward having a vibrant body.

Most of us have no idea how potent our thoughts and beliefs are. Every thought is creating something. That’s why it’s imperative to focus on what you want.

Keep your thoughts and actions directed toward creating and supporting a healthy body. Get excited that your body is healing itself this very moment.

Before you know it, you’ll be dancing up a storm again.

About the Author

Robbie Holz

Robbie Holz is an internationally respected healer, frequent media guest and an award-winning author. To learn how Robbie can help you address your health issues from a physical, emotional and spiritual perspective, call 360.899.9339 PT (no texts) or email robbie@holzwellness.com.

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