Speaking Engagement Testimonials

"Robbie Holz speaks with a uniquely artful and powerful blend of wisdom that invites each listener to come closer. Using humor and at times, very poignant experiences from her life, Robbie will empower you to explore your depths without judgment. She makes you want to get to know yourself better."

Tricia Lapitan, Attorney at Law, Founder of Heroes for the Homeless


"Robbie has the gift of putting complex ideas into simple, clear terms. She's always fun and insightful."

Kathy Logan, Office Manager of Chiropractic and Massage Therapy Offices

“I’ve had the opportunity to hear many, many speakers. It’s rare that I so fully resonate with so much of the content. I loved her delivery, humor, compassion, emotion and style!”

L.M., Conference Facilitator in Washington


"I have heard Robbie speak numerous times and every time I learn something new. The humor, knowledge, life experiences, and personality she weaves into her speaking sets her apart and allows for a wonderful connection to her audience. Her passion is so infectious and exciting, it's hard not to walk away with something to better your life."

Laurie Holderman, Energy Worker, Office Manager of top-ranking Pacific NW wealth management company

"The Southern Cross Academy of Light was delighted to have the opportunity of hosting Robbie Holz whilst she was in Australia. Not only does Robbie embody her husband's healing work in the secrets of Aboriginal healing but the love which she emanates to all makes her a delight to be with." 

Rosemary Butterworth, Sydney, Australia; Editor of Shining Bright magazine, Co-Founder Southern Cross Academy of Light


"Robbie Holz has a powerful message to share that is based on profound knowledge and personal experience of ancient healing techniques. She has the unique ability of speaking with authenticity and deep wisdom from her heart."

                                                                                                      Judi Munn, Earth Steward


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