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I have been working with Holz Wellness and Robbie for the past year. The amount of relief, support and direction I have received continues to guide my personal growth. As a healing professional myself, I need the support of other professionals to remain authentic and on my own path of continued growth and healing. I feel this is important in order to always remain fresh and open to new perspectives and ideas. Robbie's laser-like clarity, non-judgment and deep wisdom always leaves me feeling uplifted, clear and direction oriented.  Thank You, Robbie!

Amy R., Certified Grief Recovery Specialist, PSYCH-K Facilitator in Sacred Valley, Peru


I had been dealing with a chronic health issue for many years. Robbie and her team of spirit guides accurately described the emotional roots associated with my health. The information helped me to make changes in my thought patterns, which positively impacted my health. Robbie also showed me how to access help from my own team of guides, on a deeper level than I had in the past, which reduced the day-to-day stresses of trying to function while sick and healing. As a result of all of this, my health improved daily. I highly recommend Robbie and this process for healing.

-K.M., California


I am amazed and blessed beyond measure thanks to Robbie! Since working with Robbie, I have gained a better understanding of love, truth, trust, health and wholeness. My life and faith have been revolutionized and a whole new person has emerged. Robbie’s healing gift, counseling and passion for others make her a rare treasure and special gift to planet Earth. You’re a shining star, Robbie!

-R.H., Nevada


Robbie has changed my life and my health forever. There are no words to describe my thankfulness. ‘Thank you’ doesn’t seem like enough.

-T.K., Washington


I am deeply grateful for the phone conversations with Robbie of sharing, guidance and encouragement. I’ve literally experienced my energy raise in vibration during our talks, my spirit renewed and better situated to face a challenge!

-J.C., North Carolina


Robbie makes things happen!

-J.G., Los Angeles, CA


I feel blessed that I’ve been able to experience Robbie Holz in three powerful ways. First, reading her wonderful, award-winning books "Secrets of Aboriginal Healing" and "Aboriginal Secrets of Awakening", then hearing her speak at an event where I was so impressed by her ability to express very deep spiritual messages in everyday language. But she touched me most profoundly when I had a private intuitive counseling session with her. She gave me information that has completely shifted my attitude about several areas of my life -- particularly about a long-term health issue -- then offered concrete tools and meditations to practice ongoingly. I feel like I’ve taken my healing back into my own hands… so empowering! I’ve sent many friends to Robbie and all report similar experiences, whether they were able to meet with her in person or on the phone. I’ve actually been listening to the meditation she created for me every morning and I love it… like having her whisper in my ear every day!

-D.R., Life Coach & Interfaith Minister, New York City


I loved the session Robbie and I had together. Her guidance and help has been invaluable!

-P.T., New  York


I feel I now have a better understanding of how to identify and deal with my problems after working with Robbie Holz. My health and mental attitudes are very much improved. In a one-hour session, she taught me a new way to think and how to start healing myself.

-D.C., Washington



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