Releasing Emotional Baggage

Everyone's Got a Story. 

Everyone has a story within them. It may be a woeful tale of how you’ve been the victim of a devastating financial loss, a debilitating injury or deception by a loved one. The painful emotional effects can run deep and last a lifetime.

You get accustomed to carrying your story around, pulling it out and sharing it with others. Each time you recount it, it grows inside you. Before you know it, you’re lugging a large suitcase of resentment and a carryon-sized bag of anger. It’s exhausting to haul.


Time for Catch and Release.

The remote Aboriginal Australians don’t weigh themselves down with cumbersome stories. They fully embrace an experience and its emotions, release it, and move on to the next event. Young children have the same healthy response. Having her hair yanked by her sibling, the child will get mad, cry, and then quickly return to singing and making mud pies.

Unfortunately, most of us are emotional baggage collectors and hang on to everything from a co-worker’s insensitive remark to painful childhood memories.bigstock-Many-old-suitcases-on-a-cart-14642399

As much as you’ve earned every right to your story, it may be time to lighten your heavy load. Awareness you’re carrying this burdensome stuff is the first step. Willingness to get rid of a "bag o' negativity," or at least a few of the weightier items, is the next step.


They are No Accidents. 

The Outback Aboriginal people wisely believe there are no accidents and nothing is random. Everything happens for a reason, although it’s sometimes misunderstood. Everyone and everything you encountered in your life was needed to deliberately bring you to this place on your soul’s unique path of evolvement. Being unfairly fired may have forced you into a different, but more fulfilling, career. Dealing with the constraints of a broken leg can shift you into deeper compassion for people with physical disabilities. There is a reason behind each uncomfortable or painful experience. It is designed to help you grow as a soul.


Find Something to Be Grateful for About This Experience. 

Observed on a friend’s refrigerator magnet, one of my favorite sayings is, “Let go or be dragged.” It really can be that simple and easy. The Beatles would chime in with, “Let It Be.”

Your breath is a powerful tool. With each exhalation, use your breath and intention to release pent-up emotions stored in your cells. On each inhalation, breathe in the healing energy of acceptance. Breathe into the center of your being and rest in the peace of the inner stillness.

Loosen your story’s grip by putting yourself in the other’s shoes. Even if you don’t agree with it, try to see their side and why they hold their views.

Examine how the people and events of your challenge have helped you grow. Some of our best teachers are those who show us what we don’t want to become. No matter how small, find something to be grateful for about this event and those involved.


Everything is an Opportunity for Growth.

Engage the assistance of some excellent porters by handing it over to your spirit guides or angels. (Read “Team Up with Your Spirit Guides and Angels.”) Ask them to help you easily let go of any negative responses and gain a healthier perspective. They love to help you but need to wait for you to ask.

You can get rid of a whole suitcase full of hurt by forgiving yourself and others. Repeating the mantra, “I forgive you, I forgive me,” can be surprisingly freeing.

Use meditation to create in your heart a new version of the event with a more loving scenario. In your mind's eye, see everyone happy and thriving.

Whether you end up carting a backpack or a full set of luggage, be kind to yourself. It’s all a gift from your brave human journey on planet earth.

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Robbie Holz

Robbie Holz is an internationally respected healer, medium, frequent media guest and an award-winning author.

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  1. Thanks again for your help and support. I am going to get my self in the right direction. Thanks again for your time and consideration.

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