Release Your Fears!

It’s Essential to Face Your Fears.
Many of us don’t realize how much our fears dictate our lives. We’re afraid to experience certain feelings, like embarrassment or anger, so we do everything we can to avoid creating it. We’re afraid of making mistakes, so we don’t venture too far beyond what’s worked in the past.

It’s your egoic mind that’s fearful and trying to protect you but it becomes a problem when it’s unfounded or out of balance. Your fears prevent you from being open to new experiences and different outcomes. They keep you stuck.

Releasing fears is a skill that anyone can learn. You do that by facing your fears.


Some of Your Fears Are Not Yours.
The first step is to gain more awareness about your fears. Fears are often a conditioned response. They may have been passed on to you through your genes at birth. There are scientific studies that show fears are often transferred through DNA from generation to generation to generation.

This programmed cellular memory may explain why you sometimes feel the way you do. If your grandfather had a lot of fear around money from having lived through the Great Depression, it’s not surprising you have an unfounded fear about money.

Most people cling to their fears and mistakenly believe it’s part of who they are. Ask yourself if what you’re feeling is even yours.


Fears are a Conditioned Response.
It’s important to recognize when a fear is triggered in you. When you start to feel a little anxious, just observe it rather than automatically being pulled into it. Think to yourself, Ahh, my body’s tensing up because I don’t like what’s happening right now.

The more consciousness you have about your fears, the easier it is to disengage from them. You start to observe your fearful thoughts rather than identify with them. It helps you realize you are not your fear. It’s just a conditioned response. A bad habit.


Observe Your Fears.
Trying to avoid your fears doesn’t work. You’re resisting what is. The more you evade your fears, the more they grow and eventually become overwhelming.

The only way to overcome your fears is to face them head on. The moment you feel any fear, let go and surrender to it. Feel the fear without stopping it or suppressing it. When you let go and don’t resist, you’ll be able to experience the fear but watch it from a distance. The situation is still happening inside of you but it’s not you.

Maybe you have a fear of heights. Your mother has the same fear and wouldn’t allow you to be exposed to heights as a child. To this day, you avoid anything involving altitude. The mere thought of approaching a scenic vista instantly makes your blood pressure rise. To let go of any fear, you need to do the opposite of what you desire to do. That’s right: You need to walk towards the scenic vista.

But rather than listening to the ruckus going on inside your freaked-out mind, become an observer. I can feel my heart beating faster. Wow, my mind is putting up one helluva fit. My palms are really sweaty.

Don’t try to fight it, change it or judge it. Just let it be. Take a deep breath, relax and exhale. Continue observing. My breathing is starting to slow down. Those trees are gorgeous. My legs aren’t shaking as much. Breath, feel and observe. Repeat as long as necessary.


Fears Create a Heavy Energy Trapped Inside You.
For a truly happy life, it’s imperative that you stop protecting yourself from your fears. Do you really want to spend your life controlling everything to avoid them? Sure, it can be frightening to consciously face your fears but it’s incredibly liberating. When you allow this heavy energy within you to come out, you’re able to transcend your fears.


Releasing Your Fears Brings Tremendous Freedom.
The more afraid you are of your fears, the more you dislike change. But change is essential for you to recognize, face and transcend your fears. Change helps you evolve.

Be willing to feel and deal with your fears. It’s brings a freedom you can’t imagine.

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Robbie Holz

Robbie Holz is an internationally respected healer, medium, frequent media guest and an award-winning author.

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