Angels in Waiting

Angels in Waiting: How to Reach Out to Your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides. A step-by-step guide to engaging powerful angelic assistance to overcome challenges and manifest your desires.



  • Available in paperback, audiobook and eBook
  • Explains specifically how to initiate contact with your angels and spirit guides, how to recognize their signs, and how to appeal to your guardian angel
  • Reveals the various forms angels take, from archangels to guardian angels, their strong desire to assist us, and how they can help you find your soul’s purpose
  • Shares stories of angelic assistance for common problems, from financial matters to emotional and physical healing to finding new love after heartbreak

Excerpt from Angels in Waiting:

"What I learned, which I am now sharing with you, is that at least one guardian angel is assigned to each of us. This entity is at our side from the moment of our first breath until our last breath with our death. Though we may not always feel their presence, these guardian angels have a profound impact on our lives. Often events that we think of as a 'lucky break' or a 'happy coincidence' are the result of these assigned guardian angels working for us behind the scenes. In truth, the immense love they feel for us is beyond our human comprehension.

It is important to know that their infinite dominion is far more effective and influential if we grant these powerful angels permission to enter our lives in more expansive ways. It is vital to ask for their help because we live on a free-will planet."