How to Get Your Mind Out of the Way

Ever felt like your mind was working against you? You’re not alone.

Most of us wrestle with our mind’s fears, obstacles and limiting beliefs.

You want to get in better physical shape but you come up with excuses not to exercise.

Although you desire a healthy romantic relationship, you tend to pick partners who aren’t the best choice for you.

So how do you get your mind to stop self-sabotaging and start supporting you? It’s not as hard as you think.


Supportive Role

Your mind wants to be involved and in control of everything. But your mind was never supposed to be in charge.

Your soul, a Higher Consciousness, is designed to be in charge of your life with your mind supporting it.

We often get into trouble asking our minds to make decisions which it was never intended to make.

For instance, your mind was meant to balance your checkbook but not decide which job would provide the income.

Trust that your soul knows what job is best for you.

Keep your mind involved but given a more appropriate task.



My dog Checkers is a good example of what I’m talking about. Whether we were painting a bedroom or gardening, Checkers wanted to help and be in the middle of it.

In his canine mind, he was convinced he was helping. Checkers was actually creating a bigger mess.

When someone thinks they’re helping but making things worse, we call it “Checkers helping.”

If I were to restrict Checkers from our work, he would bark. What worked best was to give Checkers a job he was equipped to do (guarding).

It’s a lot like that with our minds. If your mind is “Checkers helping,” give it something it’s capable of so it can be an asset rather than a hindrance.



Let’s say you want to find ways to pay for your child’s college. First, remove your limiting mind from being in charge of finding tuition money.

You may not know it, but you have a spirit team of guides, angels, ascended masters—whatever you want to call them—that are working for you in the background of your life.

Hand the college project over to your soul and spirit team—a Higher Consciousness.

When your mind has concerns about tuition, gently remind yourself that the task of obtaining college funds has been delegated to your capable team.



Here’s 8 easy steps to get your mind out of the way and actually helping in this endeavor:

1) Ask for What You Need

Allow your spirit team to help you every step of the way. Tell them what you need.

Ask them to help loosen your fearful mind’s controlling grip of “How?” and “When?” the tuition will surface.


2) Focus on What You Want

We tend to focus obsessively on what we don’t want. When your mind starts to doubt the funds will manifest, redirect it.

Keep your mind focused on creating a list of all the reasons why it will happen, not why it won’t.


3) Feel Gratitude Daily

Every day take time to feel grateful for the abundance and blessings in your life.

Engage your mind in feeling gratitude for having a healthy child, educational opportunities and that tuition funds are coming to you somehow.


4) Let It Go

Pay attention to when you are most vulnerable to slipping into fear about college, usually bedtime when you’re tired.

If your mind has doubt about paying tuition, take a deep breath and—3 powerful words!—let it go.

Stay engaged in the present moment. Don’t let your fearful mind drag you off into the past or the future.  That’s just a bad habit.


5) Listen for Guidance

Get quiet a few minutes every day to intuitively feel your team’s guidance on ways to manifest college funds.

If your mind insists you have no time for that, redirect it to cleverly find ways to get quiet during your busy day.


6) Act on Their Advice

Take inspired or directed action from your soul and spirit team. They may guide you through gut instinct to apply for a particular scholarship.

If you’re buying a lottery ticket out of fear, that’s your Checkers-helping mind.

For additional ways you are being guided, read my article “How Angels and Spirit Guides Communicate with You.”


7) Keep Handing it Over

When your mind feels confused and overwhelmed with obtaining college funds, remind yourself you don’t have to figure it out.

Delegate finding tuition monies back to your team and follow their guidance. You were designed to be guided through your intuition.


8) Visualize It Already Done

Visualizations, or feelingizations, are an extremely effective way your powerful mind can help.

Take a couple minutes a day to visualize with details and emotion. Feel pride and gratitude as your child receives their college diploma.

Here’s an easy way to use visualizations to make your dreams come true, “10-Step Plan to Manifest Your Desires.”



By asking and allowing your soul and spirit team to help you, your mind can release its fears.

As your mind shifts into a supportive role, profound possibilities easily open up to you.

Your life will have less struggle, and more joy and fulfillment than you ever dreamed possible.



About the Author

Robbie Holz

Robbie Holz is an internationally respected healer, frequent media guest and an award-winning author. To learn how Robbie can help you address your health issues from a physical, emotional and spiritual perspective, call 360.899.9339 PT (no texts) or email

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  1. I’ve read both of your books on aboriginal healing and found them fascinating and felt like a door opened. For a long time I’ve been convinced that spiritual healing and guidance was possible, and have even experienced it on several occasions. However it seems so random with no clear way to access it. My deepest thanks to you, to Dr Gary Holtz and to your teams of spirit guides for your faith and conviction, and for sharing your experience and knowledge in such an accessible and meaningful way.

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