For an Enjoyable Fulfilling Ride, Let Your Soul Guide the Way

When you let your soul drive the bus for your life’s journey, it’s a more fulfilling and enjoyable ride. Best of all, you’ll love where your soul takes you. So move your mind out of the driver’s seat and hand the keys over to your soul, the official designated driver for your life.

Here are travel tips for a smooth, pleasurable trip:

1) Let your soul do its job. It was always intended for your soul to make major life decisions like career and relationship choices. Your mind was designed to assist in carrying out your soul’s guidance. For example, your soul directs you on which job ad to respond to, while your mind keeps you safely within the crosswalk on your way to the job interview.

2) Pick out a general destination, for instance, finding a lifetime partner. Then surrender the entire situation over to your soul. Plug into your soul's GPS and move your mind to the back of the bus.

3) Your party bus is loaded with fellow travel companions such as spirit guides, angels, ascended masters, ancestors, totem animals. Frequently throughout the day, ask and allow their loving assistance. Read "How to Talk to Your Spirit Guides and Angels."

4) It can be scary to hand over control of your life but your soul knows the easiest and best way to get you to your desired goal. Your expansive soul sees beyond your limited view of the world. If you allow, it can take you to new and better destinations.

5) Your soul speaks through your heart, gut instincts and intuition. It’s hard to "hear" or feel this subtle inner guidance over the blaring radio of your mind. Turn down the volume of your distracting mind by meditating a minimum of 10 minutes a day. Click here for "Quick and Easy Ways to Meditate."

6) Trust yourself to receive guidance. Your extremely capable soul can easily get messages to you. Read "How Angels and Spirit Guides Communicate with You." If you aren’t sure of the next move, ask for more billboards, and wait. You’ll get the direction as you need it.

7) Your mind wants to drag you off into the past, the future, and all kinds of dark places. Avoid these back alleys and pot holes by staying focused on the present moment.

8) Be patient and avoid anxiously asking, “Are we there yet?” Divine Timing is involved in getting you and others ready. Chillax, you’re right on schedule.

9) If you are feeling worried and suddenly want a detailed travel itinerary, your mind has snuck back into the driver’s seat. Just as you would lovingly comfort a frightened child, gently coax your fearful mind to let go of the steering wheel.

10) Release expectations about the journey and the final destination. Your soul knows what’s in your highest good and perfect for you. If it’s not in your best interest, your protective soul won’t take you there.

11) There may be pit stops, unwanted souvenirs, and supposed detours involved but each part of the journey is necessary to bring you to where you are now. It’s just another experience and it's all good.

12) Generously tip your driver and travel companions with gratitude and love.

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