Developing a Closer Connection With Your Guardian Angel

Here’s something that’ll rock your world. You have a guardian angel by your side right this second. Everyone does! Your celestial guide is always with you and loves you tremendously. Do you even think about your angelic guide as you go about your day? Most of us rarely do. Developing a closer relationship with your celestial guide is immensely gratifying and sooo worthwhile. So how do you develop a stronger connection with your guardian angel?


Talk to Them Throughout Your Day

First of all, know that your guardian angel remains by your side from the moment you’re born to your last breath. An invisible best friend who’s always with you. Talk to them in your mind like you would a close friend. Why not extend a “Hi” or expression of appreciation every day?


Surround Yourself with Physical Reminders

Keep objects throughout your home, in your car or workplace that remind you of their constant presence and support. A tiny bell or feather on your desk is a subtle reminder of them and that you’re not alone. An angel statue or picture in your bedroom will help you remember you’ve got a lot of help.


Show Them Some Love

Your angelic guide loves you more than you can ever imagine. Extend them love and gratitude throughout the day. Light incense or a candle for them. Keep fresh flowers by their picture, statue, or on your altar.


Getting closer to your guardian angel will create one of the most fulfilling relationships you’ll ever have. Your personal spirit guide is by your side at all times, loving and supporting you. Your new best friend.

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Robbie Holz

Robbie Holz is an internationally respected healer, frequent media guest and an award-winning author. To learn how Robbie can help you address your health issues from a physical, emotional and spiritual perspective, call 360.899.9339 PT (no texts) or email

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  1. I am thrilled I was lead to hear you tell your story on Gaia TV and also finding your website. Thank you so much for all the information provided in your posts and I certainly look forward to reading both books in the near future.

    Love and Light to you!!

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