How Angels and Spirit Guides Communicate with You

Tremendous help is always given to you from the heavenly realm, the ‘other side of the veil.’ With extreme love and patience, a powerful celestial team is constantly protecting, guiding and assisting you.

Your divine team can consist of:


spirit guides,

your soul (or Higher Self),


spirit animals,

ascended masters, etc.


They are all varied forms of whatever you call God, or Source. Using their help and guidance, makes it easier to create the life you want. (See “Team Up with Your Spirit Guides and Angels.”)

This powerful team wants to help you with whatever you desire that is in your soul’s best interest, so ask for their help often. (Read “How to Talk to Angels and Spirit Guides.”) The more you understand how they communicate with you, the easier it is to follow their guidance.


Here are some of the ways your celestial team may convey their messages to you:

1. Finding specific objects like feathers or coins, feeling a spontaneous gentle breeze are just a few methods they signal their presence and say "Hello."

2. Suddenly remembering to bring something with you as you walk out the door is often a helpful reminder from your angels.

3. Thoughts when you awaken during the night or when you first arouse in the morning are predominantly guidance from your celestial team.

4. Computer glitches, a broken pen, a dropped phone call are different means your team may interrupt any negative thoughts and redirect you.

5. Dreams are frequently used to convey messages.

6. Coincidences, serendipity or synchronicity are often the work of your celestial team.

7. Numbers on a clock when suddenly awakened or recurring numbers  can be messages. Angel Numbers 101 by Doreen Virtue is a good reference book for interpreting their meaning.

8. Your intuition, sixth sense, gut instinct are your ‘internal compass’ and one of the main ways your soul and guides communicate to you.

9. You sneeze, trip, drop something, or are startled by a loud noise, these are all ways your guides deliberately get your attention. Use your intuition to determine whether they are encouraging or discouraging what you were just thinking or doing.

10. 'Aha' moments are often placed in your mind by your angels or soul.

11. Song lyrics spontaneously playing in your head may be guidance from your guides.

12. Your first instantaneous thought is usually directly from your guides. The second or third thoughts are frequently from your now-engaged mind.

13. Ringing in your ears or tingling in your body, when not caused by a medical condition, are often used like a pager system by your angels or to signal ‘Hello.’

14. Recurring thoughts or a repeated suggestion from different sources are probably prompted by your guides.

15. Muscle testing, dowsing or using a pendulum can provide direction from your guides.

16. Automatic writing is another technique to get answers from your team. Ask your question and write in longhand as fast as you can with no direction.

17. Meditation or quieting your busy mind makes it easier to feel or sense their guidance. (Check out “Quick & Easy Ways to Mediate.”)

18. Random answers suddenly popping into your head from previous questions are usually from your team.


Once you start raising awareness of your angelic team, you will notice their messages all around you. They always respond to your requests. Be patient since they will give you only what you need to know in each moment. Send them gratitude often.

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  1. I found a writing on the wall of an alter in my office. Am the only one with access to the alter. I just finished praying, came outside. I had reason to go back inside almost immediately. It was as if someone else had entered inside. When I came out, I saw the writings. They are short, medium and long straight lines arranged in a pattern. I took a picture of it and will like to interpret it.

    1. Awesome! My spirit guides are telling me the writing came from a benevolent spirit guide. It is simply trying to convey “Hi.”

  2. I’ve lost my parents over the last couple of years. I’m not married and don’t have children by choice. I guess I’ve always been a bit wild. I had my dog I rescued right before my mother got sick. I had recently put my old dog down due to cancer 6 months before this dog started coming around my house. He went through my mother’s passing with me because my mother said I had to keep him. It was a sign. There’s more to that story. Recently I lost that dog after he traveled to 8 cities over 2 years trying to find myself. It was my negligence that he was hit by a car. I picked him up and carried him to the yard. As people crowded around and I was crying he looked up at me, starred me straight in the eyes, licked my face 3 times and passed in my arms. I was destroyed. I now know that Toby gave his life in order to save mine. I see all the signs. I have to live with that moment forever. But I know in my heart that he was an angel sent from god. That’s just a moment you cannot describe. I miss him dearly. I miss all of them dearly. But I am positive in my heart that they are with me every day and every step of the way.

  3. If you sneeze, trip, drop something or are startled by a loud noise, is that a warning message of some sort, or can it be a positive sign?

    1. Post

      Excellent question. It can be both. Pay attention to what you are thinking and doing when the guides get your attention. You can feel intuitively whether they are encouraging you or discouraging you from your current behavior.

  4. My boyfriend died 2 years ago June 14th 2017 this past week I seen blue birds had feathers in my room a penny on the counter butterfly’s etc I know my angels were near by. Sure do miss him. Been sneezing a lot and ringing in my one ear. I know he is happy with his Heavenly Father. No more pain or sadness. But I am so selfish to wish he was here God called him home even if he was murdered. He was sent to me to teach me it help me when his lesson was done he had to go that’s my feelings

  5. I’ve been thinking about relocating, but experiencing some fear/hesitation. What I’m noticing as the “TV B uff” that I am , is that every day there is either a movie or a commercial that indicates the exact place that I want to relocate to. Also to mention, two new friends I just made is also relocating to the same place without any knowledge of my plan. Are these just coincidences or messages from my spirit Guides or Angels?

    1. Post

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