Bring More Abundance into Your Life

Want to know a sure-fire way to create more abundance in your life? Service. The secret to cultivating abundance is that as you give of yourself, abundance grows in your life.
If you want more, give more.

To start, focus on the abundance inside you. You’re not lacking. Nothing about you is lacking! Notice all the things within you that are plentiful: your smiles, laughter, comforting words . . .

Next, shift your perspective from “giving” to “sharing”. Abundance is about sharing.
Sharing hugs.
Sharing compliments.
Sharing smiles.
Sharing feelings.

This opens the door for others to share themselves with you. As your generosity increases, more abundance comes to you.

Are you hoarding anything or holding back? A few months ago I found myself in a situation where I was deliberately holding back my feelings. I was at an international conference attended by people with belief systems different than mine. I was surrounded by amazing people: scientists, doctors, lawyers and activists who were passionately making a big difference in the world. Feeling vulnerable, the first few days I kept quiet in the discussions. (So unlike me!)

Then mid-week, I opened up and shared my belief that there was tremendous help available to them from the angelic realms. I guarantee that had never been brought up with this group before. Ever.

Over the next few days, many people conferred with me on how to contact their guardian angels. In groups and individually, I shared my knowledge about angelic assistance. As a result of putting myself out there, I was able to help many people that week which felt immensely gratifying. My conversations led to developing several cherished friendships. My life is greatly enriched now because of it.

Abundance wants to stay abundant! If you want abundance in a particular area, then give abundance in many areas. Don’t hoard or hang on to things. The desire to hoard is the ego’s need to control. There’s nothing wrong with that but have more consciousness about it. You might choose to release that fear-based belief.

Choose two things that you know you hoard. You might decide to donate some clothes and volunteer your time. Don’t over give or share for the wrong reasons, like expecting something in return. Give in a way that feels fulfilling, balanced and is done for the right reason.

Don’t forget to give to yourself. Are you giving to your body? Many of us are great at sharing our time and energy to others but not as much to ourselves.
As you give in all these ways, abundance grows and grows. Share yourself with others . . . and with yourself. Therein lays the abundance!

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