Reviews of “Secrets of Aboriginal Healing”

 Secrets of Aboriginal Healing 

Secrets of Aboriginal Healing

Available at or as soft cover book ($15) and eBook ($9.99).


We're proud to announce Secrets of Aboriginal Healing won three acclaimed awards:

Nautilus Silver Medal Award 

ForeWord Review Book of the Year Finalist 

USA Book News Best Book Award Finalist


Here's what folks are saying about the award-winning book Secrets of Aboriginal Healing by Dr. Gary Holz and Robbie Holz:


"What a fascinating story!"

--- Writer's Digest



"Journey to the Heart: Secrets of Aboriginal Healing is aptly named as it reveals the power and majesty of the human mind and spirit, and demonstrates how - against all odds - an ordinary human being can participate in their own healing process and move from extreme illness to high-level wellness. A must read for anyone who wants to gain freedom from disease and other challenging circumstances."

---Marilyn McGuire, founder Nautilus Book Awards



"Gary Holz charts a course in this dramatic and inspiring book on how intuition, surrender and willingness are essential to the heroic journey of healing oneself."

---Ward Serrill, filmmaker, director and writer of award-winning film The Heart of the Game



“This book allows us a special glimpse into the heart of the aboriginal world. It offers us insights into an ancient system of healing that touches on all aspects of wellness, from the physical to the spiritual to the emotional.”

---Joy Parker, co-author Woman Who Glows in the Dark, A Forest of Kings and Maya Cosmos



"Dr. Holz's journey with MS breached both his science and his formidable intellect, only to uncover a hidden joy and fulfillment far surpassing his worldly achievements. His story inspires us to engage our own life more fully -- to awaken our own inner capacity for well-being -- no matter where we find ourselves."

--- Jim Macartney, author Crisis to Creation



"Anyone who needs to heal would enjoy this book."

---Krysta Gibson, editor New Spirit Journal



"What so many of us seek is not more information but Guided Wisdom that resonates with a deep place in our soul. One of Love, Nurturing and Truth that is another bread crumb on the path to our True Selves and healing at all levels. Robbie and Gary Holz's footsteps on this sacred journey are what they share with readers in this book and their work."

---Dr. James Roberts, syndicated journalist, founder True Selves Discovery Groups



"Different than most 'self-help' books. It gives a more personal voice to learning about the healing powers we each have inside us."

---Pat Ratliff, editor Edmonds Beacon



"It is a true gift to the world. Having spent much time with Aboriginal Elders across Australia, I know what an amazing people they are. Robbie is bringing back aboriginal healing to the land in a language that everyone can understand."

---Lalitha Devi, Australia



“Beautifully written. So full, so deep, so much in such a small package. Easy to read, hard to put down.”

---Laurie Skipworth, Washington



"I could feel love in the pages flooding to me as I read this entire book. It was comforting and very joyful."

---Despina Shamar, Australia



"A quick, easy read, filled with 'meat' and extremely helpful."

---Helga Marceau, Washington



“So profound, so practical.”

---Louise Key, Washington



"It's the biggest, small wisdom-filled book I've read."

---Bryan Flowers, Arizona




Secrets of Aboriginal Healing is available at or as a soft cover book at $15.00 and an eBook for $9.99.

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The award-winning sequel, Aboriginal Secrets of Awakening: A Journey of Healing and Spirituality with a Remote Australian Tribe, continues the story of Dr. Gary Holz, introduces the inspirational story of his wife, Robbie, in a beautiful and heart-warming love story. Available now by Bear & Company.