Accept Yourself Exactly as You Are

Self-Acceptance is Essential. 

We’re in the midst of massive change. We’re shifting into a more loving and peaceful existence worldwide. It’s a grassroots movement that starts on an individual basis. You’re deliberately here to assist with this tremendous global transformation. You’re helping by having greater levels of self-acceptance. Yep. As you accept yourself, you’re able to extend more love to yourself . . . and others. That adds to the collective consciousness and provides an energetic pathway which makes it easier for others to do the same.

So how do you accept yourself just the way you are right now? Here are a few steps to help get you there.


It Boils Down to Perspective.

If you’re having a hard time accepting certain parts of yourself, it’s because it’s not something you want to be. You may not want to be insecure about your appearance, impatient and dishonest. But these perceived “flaws” don’t necessarily need to be fixed before you can accept and love yourself. Try not to think of yourself as a project. You’re exactly the way you need to be for your soul’s unique journey.

You’re already amazing: a glorious Divine luminous being. You don’t have to improve—just let go. Release your mind’s misperceptions that the shadow parts of you are bad and need to be eliminated.

A painting is created with contrasts. Likewise, it’s the shadow within you that provides contrast to the light so that you can see things more clearly. Shadow is a partner to light and a gift for soul growth. Stop demonizing the shadow with black-and-white thinking. Cherish the shadow in you as much as you do the light.


Your Shadow Serves You.

We’re all on the path to realizing who we really are. We’ll each get there eventually. Shadow helps you navigate. If you want a detour or distraction from your soul’s evolution, shadow will help you with that.

Your shadow says, “I’ve got things to keep you distracted—TV, busyness, food, laziness, Internet, judgments. Here’s an excellent distraction: You don’t deserve unconditional love. Play with that for a while. The design and execution of our distractions are breathtaking.


Your Egoic Mind Often Lies to You.

It’s easier to have non-acceptance and resist what is when you compare yourself and your life to others. You’re on a different path. Your spiritual journey doesn’t fit in with mainstream and isn’t comparable. You can’t be a person of depth without difficulty, pain, trauma, disappointment. It’s through these things you find your magnificence.

Want to be a better friend to yourself? Stop judging yourself. Don’t strive for a perfect body. It’s never gonna be perfect. Don’t set the bar too high for unconditional love. After all, we’re in limiting bodies. But do reach beyond your comfort zone.

Earth is like a school for soul growth. Your body and emotions are required components for this learning lab. You have experiences and pop quizzes which help you evolve and grow.

How do you want to live? How much are you going to abdicate to your shadow or to consciousness? You’ve stayed on the bench long enough. It’s time to get up and challenge your shadow. Is what your shadow telling you true? Shadow likes vague, broad statements. Shadow doesn’t like specificity. Use discernment, not judgment.


Self-Acceptance is Developed Through Practice.

The best time to practice self-acceptance is when you feel judged. The next time you’re feeling criticized by yourself or someone else, quiet your mind for a moment. Take two deep breaths. Go within your heart to find the compassion that rests there. If the critical, judgmental voice starts up again, quiet it with a gentle internal “shh” and take a few deep breaths. Listen within for the kind words you need. That will help you feel more peaceful and accepted. Do this as often as you need until it becomes a habit.


Loving Yourself Means No Self-Criticism.

Your mind is a powerful tool. It’s up to you how to train and use it. Allowing it to stand in the way of accepting and loving yourself just as you are needs to stop. Now. Loving yourself is the absence of negative thoughts and feelings about yourself. What have you not been accepting about yourself that it’s time to embrace?

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